Toyota Tundra 2021 pick up review

Toyota Tundra 2021

Hi everyone now Watson here from car Wow. So this is the Toyota Tundra, full-size pickup truck, and I’m going to review it for your viewing pleasure. Also, if you’re in the market for a pickup truck, I’m gonna.

Have you decide if it’s? The right pickup for you now to do that? I’m, going to talk you around its design. What’s, that car sticker truth? Show you what it’s like inside, explain how practical it is.

You could quite literally gonna sleep, yep and, of course, take it for a drive. Don’t get carried away in the tundra now before we get into all that. Please make sure you subscribe to this channel, hit the bell icon to turn your notifications onto your loaded.

When we make a new upload that way you won’t miss any of our videos. Let’s! Kick off this review by talking about the Tundra’s design and it’s, quite an old truck now. So it & # 39, s got quite a basic look.

There are various creases to give it some form of shape, and you & Ve got tundra stumped into the tailgate. Moving down the side, you & ll, see an honest old fashioned exhaust pipe no fake surrounds.

Here then you’ve got pronounced wheel, arches pretty much just like most trucks and wheel sizes from 18 inches to 20 s. There’s more creases here on the doors once again to give it a bit more stunts on the road you’ve got your tundra badging to tell people what truck you’re driving and the important badge which says You’ve got a v8 under the hood.

Speaking of the hood. It’s actually quite round and compared to some of the more modern trucks once again that’s because it’s getting on a bit. The grills quite nice, though I do like the design of that and you can get in chrome on the very top spec version there.

I think I prefer it in this black. Also, this surrounded the grille changes color, depending on which model you go for once they change its color. I mean you get different colours. Also, you & # 39. Ve got some vents here, but they look fake.

They definitely don’t lead anywhere there with TRD models. You get a big bulge on the bonnet. Yet again that looks fake. I’ll, just test it with my pocket-sized car out twick of truth. Oh yes, that goes nowhere.

I’m check this one as well, while I’m at it yeah that leads nowhere. There is no fooling the car while sticker truth. What’s that car sticker truth? You prefer the look of the Ford f-150. Well, if you want to see my full in-depth video review of that truck, just click on the pop-up banner up there, I never thought I’d.

See the day is talking to tweak here on the inside the tundra sort of lives up to its name, because it’s rather sparse and lifeless. Yes, the design feels a bit old compared to the very very latest trucks.

There is little bits of silvery trim about the place to help liven things up a bit, but generally other than that it’s. A sea of black drab plastic and the plastics themselves are all pretty hard and cheap feeding.

No matter where you touch, you do have soft materials here, where you put your arms and up here, but overall it does just feel basic and a touch cheap. There are a few things I do like, though, the huge kind of control dials very easy to hit when you’re driving.

Also the layer is very, very simple, so you & # 39. Ve got your switch control down there for your forward drive system, all the stuff for your mirrors and exterior lighting down here. So it is very, very sensibly laid out.

Also, you & # 39, ve got a central touch screen there, and that brings me onto this cars. Specs. The tundra range kicks off with the SR model and all the versions have a 6.1 inch touch screen, but from 2020 they gets a 7 inch touchscreen with built-in satellite navigation.

The navigation is kind of a bit old-fashioned and unresponsive. Fortunately, though, you’re. Also gonna be able to get it with apple carplay and android auto. So you can just use your phone’s mapping.

Instead, you do have some useful shortcut buttons which take you through the menus, but it does once again feel old-fashioned, but you do have satellite radio built-in. Overall, though this infotainment system, doesn & # 39, t feel the sharpest and the graphics a little bit washed out, but it’s, easy to navigate.

The S are also gets adaptive, cruise control and safety kit, including auto emergency, braking with pedestrian detection and lane departure warning. And thankfully you get air conditioning too and a reversing camera.

It also has a multi-function steering wheel, so you can control the stereo and the little computer in between the dials, which shows your trip information, your compass heading, your music station and various other bits and pieces as well.

Next up is the sr5, and that has four-wheel drive rather than just rear-wheel drive and fog lamps. The next trim level up is the limited and it gets a sim speaking stereo LED headlights instead of the normal Hodgins, are also included.

They also get a leather interior with heated front seats, leather steering, wheel and automatic climate control. Next is the Platinum which adds blind spot monitoring, front and rear parking, sensors, a 12 speaker, JBL stereo and seat ventilation.

Finally, there’s, a 1794 which gets 20-inch alloy wheels and some fake wood on the steering wheel. Then there’s, the TRD pack, so this is the sport and it gets some tuned anti-roll bars and Bilstein dampers and there’s.

The TRD off road, which has some off-road specific dampers in the TRD pro add to that a 2-inch lift anyway, let’s. Continue this review by talking about connectivity because it isn’t much as this is such an old vehicle.

There is just one USB port and you have an auxiliary in underneath it doesn’t matter too much, because you do have 12-volt sockets either side like that, so you can charge mobile devices if you need to, as for cubby spaces there alright.

So you & # 39. Ve got a little tray area here, a cup holder. Here, though, it is a little bit awkward, some bigger cupholders there, which are more useful there’s, a space here on the armrest, where you can put your phone.

I think when this is designed, phones, weren’t that big it’s. Just a happy coincidence, underneath here there’s, a huge storage area look fit a big bottle of water in there, maybe two of them and there’s.

Another 12 volt socket in there as well. There’s. No other stories down here, though I’m, not entirely sure what you gonna put in there. I’m. Just gonna gathered the door bins, unfortunately, a little bit on the narrow side, even though they are quite long.

As for the glovebox, it’s big, but it’s mainly taken up by this huge manual. As we’re getting comfy behind the wheel. These seats are really nice. You’ve, got electrical adjustment on this particular car.

Obviously, that’s, not standard inchi level models get a single bench. This is luxury people right here, cloth seats with electrical adjustment; yeah it’s, actually easy to get comfy. This enough adjustment in the steering wheel and there isn’t always on every single Toyota specialty of this vintage.

There’s, also another little storage tray up here on the top of the dash. You could put your phone up there, but as soon as X, on the right it’s. Gon na come flying backwards, this advisors, a nice and big and, of course, what they slide out.

So you can protect yourself and son it moves round. You got some place to store your glasses and somewhere for your tickets. You can just hang them up there anyway, that’s. What it’s like here in the front, let’s check out the back seats.

This is the crew max version of the tundra, which is slightly bigger in the back than the normal crew cab, and, as you can see, I & # 39. Ve got limousine levels of space back here. I literally can stretch all the way out because the seats in front to raise up slightly, I can even get me toes underneath them there’s, so much room decent Headroom as well of these squidgy chairs and nice and comfy it’S got a very, very wide body as well, so he can sit three across no problem at all.

The only issue is is that this middle seat is a little bit firmer than the outer tuned they didn & # 39. T really need to do that. Just to give these more contoured shape, you got a pretty much flat floor, so there’s, plenty room for everyone’s feet as well.

The huge space back here should make it easier to fit child seat as well the easy to access ISOFIX anchor points. It feels really light and airy back here, because you & # 39. Ve got such huge windows.

The ledge is low as well, so kids can get a good view out and, as you can see, the windows go all the way down, which is great. If you want to lean out to let some air in you can fold this down. Look at that that just seems a little bit cheap.

You do have two very large cupholders there for super-sized drinks. Smaller balls are just gonna run around, so you will have to use the side door bins there, which are narrower they exactly the same size as the front doors.

Pretty much just get out of the way you have some storage here on the back and the passenger seat, but none on the back. The driver’s. Seat don’t know why. Maybe it’s, because that would annoy the driver, not sure if you need to charge mobile device in the back.

There is any one option there’s, a single 12 volt, socket there metal strip as well doesn’t. It mmm I do like this feature there. Look. You can flip up the seat bases if you need to carry things through here I mean look at the amount of space.

You then got look at this. You could quite literally go to sleep it there’s, plenty of room. Let’s. Talk about the low bed on this Tundra then. So. The first thing to note is that you can’t get it with an automated tailgate, like you can on a Silverado.

Also, once you fold the tailgate down your step to get in it’s disappeared, so it’s. A little bit harder come on what those glutes Matt there we go, then the lay bed itself I mean it’s, a decent size and shape the maximum payload of the tundra is seven hundred and seventy-one kilos, which is quite a bit less than The maximum payload of the Chevrolet Silverado, in fact, if you wan na, see my fall in depth, video review of that truck click on the pop-up banner up there to go watch it now.

There are some tie-down points, but there’s only one per corner. Another thing that’s a little bit annoying, and that brings you on to five other annoying things about the Toyota Tundra. You may have radar-guided cruise control, which can keep your safe distance to the car in front.

Unfortunately, the whole system, doesn’t work in slow-moving traffic. They won’t shrink to along the cruise control systems of many other normal cars. The reversing camera is really low definition. Also, the guidelines don’t move.

When you’re steering to help guide you into space, you have a foot operated parking brake, which is a bit more old-fashioned in a hand. One there’s, no single cab version available at this Toyota, pickup truck you’re tied into having raised seats, whether you want them or not.

For some reason there is no grab handle on the driver side, you get them everywhere else and that’s, particularly frustrating on the truck. I’ve got here because there are no running boards for me to step onto to get in.

So it’s a bit harder. It needs to be it’s, not all negative, though here’s, a call out five call features. All the LED lights on the outside of the car have the exact same temperature rating. So in the dark you have a nice uniform color of light.

The whole section of the rear window goes all the way down you, don’t, get that on every pickup. You know the tundra has an impressive towing limit of up to 4.6 tonnes. The doors extend all the way down over the sill, so they don’t get covered in mud.

When you’re off-roading, which means when you getting in and out, you won’t, get muck all over the back ear. Trousers, the tundra was the first full-sized pickup to get a top pick for safety from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the States.

Let’s. Talk about engines like the engine, because there’s only one. It’s. This 5.7 liter v8, which has double overhead cams, which is kind of rare in the pickup world. Anyway, this thing puts out 544 Newton metres of torque and 381 horsepower, which is more horsepower.

Then Toyota’s, sports car. The new super has, in fact, if you click on the pop up and up there, you can watch my full, in-depth video review of that car. If you want to know how much the tundra costs it starts from 33,000 dollars, though this one, the sr5 TRD, sport is forty thousand dollars.

This would be the point ride till you to get a car Wow to see how much you can save one of these, but they don’t sell these in the UK, so you can’t get in through car white. But if you’re watching in America, why don’t you check out edmunds.

com that’s. Another car comparison website and the link is in the description below so then, what’s? The Toyota Tundra like to drive well, the actual chassis, has largely been unchanged for about a decade.

They do minor updates each year, but it’s. Quite an old thing. Underneath let’s, be honest about that and it sort of feels it. I don’t mind it too much. It’s kind of a relaxing Drive as you just poopin around, but the steering is all kind of loose and vague, even by pickup truck standards.

Then there’s, the ride quality so ever bumps it just shimmies and shakes quite a lot. You feel it jiggling around it’s. Quite an unsettled thing. I imagine it would be better with a full load in the back to help weigh down those leaf springs, but even then the very latest modern trucks will do better.

One thing I do really like is the engine it’s, smooth it’s. Quite creamy makes an alright noise as well, and the pulling power is OK as well. It’s, not kind of like knock-your-socks-off Ford, f-150 Raptor kind of quick, but it’s.

Quick enough. The gearbox, though, sometimes, can take a while to kick down that’s. My only complaint really otherwise it’s reasonably smooth. Now, most of the time people just be driving these things around the town or just steady on the highway.

It’s quite unusual to come out on a twisty road with one. Can it be fun hell? No, it can’t. I mean it does just loll up in the bends whoa and it see ones that grip at the front. You don’t to push this thing too hard at all.

Once again, it’s, slightly old underpinnings, starting to betray it. Oh no don’t, get carried away in the tundra. It won’t. Thank you for it really, though, that’s, not how you should be driving a pickup truck, and most people won’t.

But if you do want to push your truck a little bit more than the average person, you may be better off with a Dodge around which has slightly more sophisticated suspension and if you click on the papaya banner up there, the top icon of the screen.

You can see my full in-depth video review of that truck. There is something just slightly kind of easy and relaxed that I do like about the tundra. It’s like driving safe in the past [ Music ]. So then, what’s? My final verdict on the Toyota Tundra: should you avoid it? Consider it shortlist, it will just go right ahead and buy it.

Well, I reckon you should consider the tundra. It’s, a fairly decent pickup truck it’s, just that it hasn’t received a major update in a very long time and as a result, it’s, starting to feel it’s. Age compared to more modern pickups, does it not real? In fact, I’m gonna test it with my it’s gone wash the car why sticker tree fell out or it escaped it’s, got a mind of its own.

That thing.


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