Bentley Flying Spur 2020 Luxury Car

Bentley Flying Spur 2020

This is the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Yes, and this is my driver for Brit Co. I do for Britta young, but thank you mate yeah. I’m good. Thanks are great, so this thing starts from a hundred and sixty five thousand pounds, though it’s not on sale.

Yet, but if you’re interested in the Continental GT coupe a you click on the pop-up banner up. There follow the link below the video. You can save an average of fourteen thousand five hundred pounds of form through Carlyle seriously, though, if you know someone who’s looking to buy a new car – or maybe you are just checkout car, while alright, we all good to go.

Therefore, it’s, you cool what a treat this is the best intro to any video review. I’ve ever done well from my perspective anyway, and the first thing I want to know about the Bentley Continental Flying Spur is just how quick it is.

You see Rolls. Royces are supposed to be Swift, but Bentley & # 39. S are meant to be effing fast, so I’m about to arrive at a pay are, and then my driver is gonna launch it. I’m gonna see how quickly gets to 60 miles an hour using my specialist timing.

Equipment. Never done this before from the back seats, but let’s, give it a go right there and Driver nail it and I & Ve got a reading people it’s, naught to 60 in 4.2 seconds. Now the car is supposed to do it in 3.

7, but to be fair, that was uphill. We got three people in the car and the surface was really bad. I could hear the tires just scrambling for grip, but rest assured we were first out of the gate and got ahead of some other traffic, so not too bad.

I’ll. Take that it’s, a Bentley for sure. Now I’ve done the all-important performance test. Let’s! Talk about what this car is like to be driven in. So first of all, this isn’t, actually the best seat to be in it’s.

That one there behind the front passenger seat, because then you can move the front passenger seat all the way forward, but still there’s, no problems here for me, even though he’s in his normal driving position, I’Ve got loads of knee room loads of headroom.

I can just sit back and relax to enjoy this lovely Bentley pillow that I’m nestling, my head on it’s actually made a suede. In fact, the leather in here is absolutely gorgeous, and quality everywhere is impeccable.

Everything’s, hand-stitched it’s joyous. I love it plus when you’re just driving around it’s, super burly quiet unless from bits he puts his foot down. Then you hear that w12, but it’s, never intrusive and of course it’s, fully kitted out so and leave my armrest.

That is the all-important connectivity things there. So I can charge mobile devices and cupholders there, which I can use the whole block in here. We have a fridge. It’s, one bottles of water. Now it would be a bit better if I had some champagne in there, but I haven’t.

Ah tell you what every single switch you touch is just glorious. It’s like a jewel and the organ stops back in the knurling around the air vents, and I like this as well. Look you & # 39. Ve got a little area for your mobile phone.

You can just plop it there and then you & # 39. Ve got this main infotainment screen here. It’s, exactly the same ease of getting an Audi a8, so you can actually detach it. Look like that, which means that thieves can easily detach it.

So when you park up, you’re gonna have to put that in the boots, though, of course your drive will stay with the car. Silly me now one of the things that Bentley’s asked us to do is use the mirror app, so you can use a mirror app to check that you’re.

Looking good, you know, so you’re [ __ ] and span for your arrival at your destination and they actually asked us to do a photo with this and see if we could think of the most creative photo we could do so.

I did think of one, and I didn’t shoot it in this car. This is what I came up with. You can always rely on me to do something. A little bit. Annoying can’t you and if you don’t wan na use the mirror function, look you’ve got to pop a little vanity mirror there.

I am definitely vain. Anyway, you can look at the navigation and you can control the media, but then you & # 39. Ve also got this other little screen down here, which controls at first glance. It seems it’s.

Only your seats for the heating, the cooling and the rear climate control system, but if I press this little button, look it pops out once again very similar to one you get in the Audi a8 and then I can do various things with it.

For instance, I can operate my c2, the massage function on it. Let’s, go for a nice relaxing massage and I’m. Gon na definitely have the intensity maximum. I, like a nice and hard guys, nice and hard when we’re talking about massages, so yeah that’s, a really nice piece of key it’s, really really, weighty and expensive.

You do something else really cool with this as well, so I can operate the blinds. If I want to, I can do the lighting, so I can change the color of the accents, but I particularly is isn’t the flying’bee.

In the Barnett, I can actually control it with this. I can conceal it if I think it’s a little bit too ostentatious or, if want to show off. I can reveal it just sort of press of the button and, as you see it, popping up on the screen, it is popping out the cars bonnet.

It’s. Things like ah just make the car feel that little bit more special load up feature. You can control a lot of other things through this as well, but I’m gonna bore you with the details. I guess a better assess this cause comfort.

So for a bit say what do you mind, putting the kind of comfort mode? Okay, now that’s, going to slacken off the suspension and that’s to get air suspension, it’s, really really good over a bunch. You hardly feel them.

It’s, maybe not quite as soft as a suspension in a rolls-royce ghost, but then it’s Bentley it supposed to have a slightly sporty edge, but I can tell you this. I’m, very, very comfortable. No complaints at all anyway, that’s.

The comfort bit tested now for bricks here, would you mind putting the car into sports mode because we’re on quite a twisty road, and do you know what mate, if you’d like to get and have some fun? I want to see what it’s like in the backseat, when the driver goes a little bit crazy, so that’s, stiffen up the suspension.

It’s shopping. The throttle response increases speed from the gear changes and four CEO, apparently is also a part-time rally driver. So he knows what it’s doing so you can get decent performance out of this car and should be able to exploit its handling.

So it’s, a big thing, this big heavy car. Yet we’re going around some tight bends and the core is remaining completely flat and I & # 39. Ll have confidence in it and for Brit Co because you & # 39, ve got four-wheel, drive and it’s quite well.

Balanced and if you gets it wrong, we end up in the sea over their head, but you know what you cannot do this in the back of a Rolls Royce there’s no way do you know why I thought I’d. Be getting travel sick Bob, not that is impressive, and I’m.

I’m a little bit queasy, actually on twisty roads. Even when I’m driving and it’s, car war being smooth is strange, not making me feel travel sick. I think it’s, just because doesn’t roll about much. It just stays flat in the corners that’s, impressive and good drivin for Britain see I thank you.

Okay, then let’s. Continue this review, but this time I & Ve changed my outfit because I’ve. Also changed the car, so this is in a different colour. It’s called sand, love the colour and it &

S got the black pack on it. So you & # 39. Ve got like black elements on the car in this strip. On the bonnet as well, whereas the other one had Chrome that one was more elegant, this is more sporty just like my outfit now.

The front of this car is dominated by this girl. Look, it’s massive and it & # 39. S got vertical slats, which harks back to Bentley’s from the late 1950s. There’s, also blingy crystals in the headlamps.

As we move around the sides, you’ll notice. There’s, not much of an overhang really. You know this is a long car that makes it look sporty. Now Stanly get 21 inch alloy wheels these 22, you’ve, got these be for Bentley vent there.

On the side I say vent it’s, actually a fake vent. I can’t criticize these strong creases in the bodywork, though they’re amazing, so the car is actually made out of aluminium. It’s. Really hard to press them into this shape, but they’ve, somehow managed to do it and it does look cool also.

What’s interesting? Is this panel? The runs from here all the way down. The back part of the car is just one piece and it’s. The biggest single piece of panel fitted to any car currently on sale. Let’s move finally around the back and then you & # 39.

Ve got the classic Bentley tailpipes, they’re. They’re, not fake. There’s, two actually exhausts in there. The back end is really neat once again lots of creases in it and looking good with this black pack on it, I love it.

I think this is a really really sporty looking large saloon. In fact, if you click on the pop-out ban out there, which would you rather have this Bentley Flying Spur or a rolls-royce ghost? Oh decisions, decisions welcome to the interior of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur and it’s just as glorious as the outside.

The design is very similar to that in the Continental GT. However, there are a few differences. For instance, you have what’s, known as Texas style Evans in the center, rather than the bullseye design, and the center console is slightly lower as well.

But I do like the way that it’s, designed to look like it’s floating. I love it. I love been the interiors, though I’m a bit biased. I mean quality in here I mean it’s, almost childish to talk about it, but everything is super.

Super lovely. I mean there’s leather everywhere in this car I love the wood as well. I don’t normally say that, but the ward looks good and then there’s, this metal strip that runs around the car and all the detailing, like the metallic bits.

The knurling here on this particular car that Bentley clocked the feel of the steering wheel’s glorious as well. Also, the carpets are so thick that it makes me want to drive barefoot please. The only thing I don’t, like is the fact that these buttons just remind me of those in an a3 there they’re identical.

Also, we’ve got digital dolls, which I kind of wish that this had analog dolls, but they do look cool and, of course, there’s, a lot more functionality with the digital dolls. In fact, this system is pretty much identical to the virtual cockpit you gain out.

Is it’s? Just got some Bentley graphics on it. That brings me onto the main infotainment system, which is a huge wide screen which is very similar to the system. In a Porsche Panamera and it’s generally, alright, though, some of the icons can be a bit hard to hit while you’re driving along and the navigation is OK and it comes with apple carplay and android, auto as standard.

However, it’s, not quite as good as BMWs iDrive. In fact, if you click on the pop-up button up there, you can watch my full detailed review of the 760li, and that brings me onto this car specs as well as the two digital displays.

You get reversing camera and a 360 degree top-down camera there’s, also various technology to stop you crushing into things and people when you’re driving through town as standard to get a Bose sound system.

But you cannot grow to this. Bang & amp Olufsen system, which has 1500 watts and 16 speakers not loud enough for you, sir well, you can then upgrade further to the name system, which has 2200 watts, and twenty two speakers in fact, that is the loudest stereo fitted to any car in the World ever I’m talking about as fitted by manufacturer, not aftermarket system as people.

If you want to make the interior of this car, even more lovely then upgrade to the Malina pack, so that includes sports pedals, a jeweled fuel filler cap diamond quilting. On the seats and a new diamond quilting, 3d effect leather in the door panels.

I have never seen anything like that before it’s rather cool. Now let’s. Talk about functionality here in the front, so this cars got a wireless charging pad, which is great for me and my samsung. However, you’ve got an old phone, then you do have two USB charging points.

They’re neatly hidden. Actually, I like that, and there’s, a 12 volt socket there and a proper cigarette lighter yeah. Writing your Cuban cigars. Then there’s the layout, so it’s, all very simple: to operate the climate control because the actual temperature is in the dials here, then you & # 39.

Ve got the cooling and heating for the seats, and the seats are very, very comfortable there’s loads of electrical adjustment in them. So you’re gonna be able to get comfy with your big or small, and there’s plenty of adjustment in the steering wheel.

Once again it’s electric. Then there’s, the practicality, so decent sized door bins. Look I can fit that in there and there’s. A neat little place just down here on the other side as well, where you can keep their big Bentley key.

Where are the cupholders, though? Well don’t? Worry? They’re hidden under here there. They are quite deep so that’s, quite all coffee cup, and that just fits. But there is risk with swans that you’ll just end up removing the lid.

When you’re trying to remove the cup, maybe onto the glovebox, it’s, not that big, but it is refrigerated, which means you can keep your drinks cool right. Let’s. Talk about this cause practicality! Now I love how you open the boot by pressing the be supercool and, as you can see, the size is all right.

The opening is quite large. You have this metallic scuff plate here. So when having to lift things over the lip, don’t damage your paintwork, it’s, got nice that can’t, be in here yeah. It’s very thick for a boot carpeting and you & # 39.

Ve got some tie-down points. You’ve got 12 volts socket as well under here there’s, not much apart from your stuff, and you’ll notice. There’s. Oh the fridge eats into the boot space. In fact, boot capacity is about 15 percent, smaller than a rolls-royce ghost and Mercedes Maybachs, oh dear, and that brings me on to five annoying things about the Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

If you want fully auto cruise control, then you’re gonna have to pay extra for it, which is a bit cheeky on a car that costs this much when it’s standard on a Twitter also, options are very expensive.

It’s all too easy to spec this car up way beyond 200,000 pounds, and then this car is hand-built and everything, but the way that metal strip on the dash doesn’t quite line up with the one that goes in the Door he’s really doing my head in even from here the new dual clutch automatic gearbox isn’t quite as smooth or pulling away from a standstill as an old fashioned torque converter, auto.

Now, admittedly, I’m humming. This up a bit to just illustrate to you the night before, however, when you’re driving along its speeding, you’re, accelerating then he suddenly lift off the thrall. It does sometimes give you a weird jolt, which is a bit uncharacteristic for a luxury car.

Well, you think you may be able to lift this up for some extra storage space. Now it doesn’t budge at all, but you can slide it forward, but then there’s, a problem with that as I in a straight now, while there is a middle seat here in the back it’s.

Certainly not Bentley comfortable yeah, you’re gonna resent the people sat in these two outer seats. Thankfully, this car has plenty of cool features to help make up for all this here’s, five, better for being distracted by modern technology.

While you’re driving or why not have a digital detox, the press of a button, you can rotate this around to some old-fashioned dials or if you want to just get rid of it entirely. The flying’bee bonnet mascot took two years to design and you can get it with crystal inlays in the wings and actually illuminate at night.

How cool is that? The flights burger gets the same breaks as a Continental GT, and that means it has 420 millimeter iron discs at the front, which are the large is fitted to any production car. This is the fastest saloon car in the world, with a top speed of 207 miles.

An hour – and it does that in sixth gear, seventh and eighth gear are just for improved economy. Yet Rea we are steering a standard, which means the back wheels turn in the opposite direction as the Front’s.

When you’re, going slowly to make this more maneuverable and then again the same direction as the Front’s. When you gain faster to improve stability, you also get active anti-roll bars, which decoupled.

When you’re going along as straight help, make things nice and comfortable. At the moment, you can only get the Bentley Continental Flying Spur with one engine, but what an engine it is it’s, a 6-litre w12 with 635 horsepower, 900 Newton meters of torque and there it is behold, look at it now.

If that’s a little bit too powerful for you, there will be a twin turbo, four-litre v8, with 550 horsepower and 770 Newton meters of torque. And if you’re a bit worried about the environment and want to improve your economy, there’ll, also be a v6 plug-in hybrid, with 450 horsepower and 700 Newton meters of torque.

Now, what happens when you give you a show for the day off and you’ve got a cruise around hang yourself. I mean this is a big long. Car 5.3 meters. It’s. Gon na be too awkward to drive, but wait a minute.

We’ve, got very wheel, steering as standard, so actually it’s very, very maneuverable. Oh gosh, that’s, taken a lot of strain at driving in town. I can tell you denied now round here. Actually, so you almost got crushed into by bloomin lorry whoo yeah.

That would have cost you a lot of money that would have mr. vi, not sure if you & # 39, ve got the insurance for that yeah. I have got to come on my car and you have been filmed don’t worry though it’s, just for entertainment.

It’s not for prosecution purposes. Anyway, I’m. Looking for my hotel, it’s, a Travel Lodge where’s. The Travel Lodge all these just look a little bit too cheap. For me. Wait a minute! Is that Tiffin Adele? So what happens when you got a long journey? And you’ve really can’t, be asked to drive yourself well, what you have to do is engage the automatic cruise control, which will keep your safe distance from the car in front and do the steering for you.

However, if you take your hands off the wheel, it can tell there’s, no resistance from your hands and it will eventually disengage. But I have a solution. You see these Bentley ashtrays, they’re, solid metal, so a really heavy and if you witch them in the steering wheel like that, provides enough resistance that the car thinks you’re holding the steering wheel.

So it doesn’t disengage, so you can just sit back and relax and enjoy the drive still working, still working still working yeah don’t. Do this at home. It’s just for illustration purposes anyway, for a bit today, you’re fired when you finally get on to an interesting piece of road.

You’re gonna want to take the controls back yourself, because this is actually a surprisingly fun car to drive for such a big luxury saloon. So I’m, going to switch it into sports mode and there’s. A noticeable difference between comfort and sport in terms of the throttle response the steering way, and especially the suspension it’s, amazing how much it grips up to the corners now.

One of the reasons for that is that Bentley has actually moved the engine slightly back and it’s shorter than the old w12, so the balance is better than before. Also, when you get in sports mode, it really limits the amount of power that goes to the front wheel.

So it’s effectively. Rear-Wheel drive. I reckon this thing will drift, but I can’t do that today, anyway, one that is put into Bentley mode, which actually works out. What I’m doing on the roads like, and it gives you the best of both worlds between comfort and sportiness.

I can just waft along or hammer it depending on my mood. However, if you want to hammer it a lot, you’re, probably going to be better off with the Continental GT. It’s just a little bit more sporty, and if you can look on the pop-out banner, then the top-ranked on the screen.

You watch my video review of it. So then what’s? My final verdict on the Bentley Continental Flying Spur: should you avoid it? Consider it shortlist, it will just go right ahead and buy it. Well, if you want a luxury car that’s, brilliant to drive, but also brilliant to be driven in, if you can afford it, just go right ahead and buy it.


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