2020 Toyota RAV4 Review Best Hybrid Suv

2020 Toyota RAV4

Suvs are all gas guzzling planet, polluters right well think again. The Toyota rav4 is a hybrid and pumps out less co2 than a one liter Ford Fiesta, and in this review we’re, going to tell you what the real-world fuel economy is like what it’s like to live with and everything You need to know about this car and before we get started, make sure you are subscribed to our youtube channel so that you catch all of our great videos and if you’re interested in buying one of these, then right now at what caram.

You get a thousand pounds off, so the rav4 sits above the CHR and below the rough and ready Land Cruiser in Toyotas, lineup and being a hybrid. It stands out and what that means it’s, got a petrol powered motor as well as an electric motor to power it along and cut fuel consumption in the process is a five seater and roughly the same size as a Honda CRV, which is Its closest competitor, because that is also a hybrid, but it does face some stiff competition from some conventionally powered cars, such as the Mazda cx-5, Peugeot 5008 and Skoda Kodiak, and this is another new Toyota that has very interesting styling.

This rav4 is certainly a lot more striking than its fairly bland predecessor. It’s, also different in many other ways to the previous generation. Now it should be more comfortable, better to drive and nicer inside.

What do you think of its looks? We have a poll and we would love to have your vote, which car do you think, is the best-looking out of the Toyota rav4 Mazda cx-5 Peugeot 5008 and the Citroen c5 err cross slip inside the rav4 and the interior looks smart and relatively plush.

Definitely more so than Honda CRV, which has a lot more hard, scratchy plastics. We really like the look and feel and quality of these dials and the rubberized bit here just reminds you that you’re in a rugged SUV.

If you want a bit more of a visual spectacle, they need to go for the Peugeot 5008, which is a lot more striking and makes this actually look quite plain. And if you want something a bit more classy than the Skoda, Kodiak and Mazda cx-5 both deliver in that respect.

But overall this is well put together and does look pretty good. All drivers should be able to get comfortable because there’s. Plenty of adjustment in the seat and steering well, you also sit very high up.

So you get a great commanding view of the road and you can see well because this pillar is are quite thin and we have a very large armrest here, which is great for those long motorway halls and you get parking, sensors and a reversing camera as standard.

However, there is one clear weakness in this interior and it’s, the infotainment system. The first problem is the hardware, because the eight-inch touchscreen is quite low, in definition with small buttons that take some strong prodding to select the operating system.

Isn’t, especially user-friendly, and takes a while to get your head round. All of this is far worse than rival systems such as the one you get in the Kodiak. The worst thing about this system, though, is that there’s.

No smartphone mirroring such as apple carplay or android auto, so you can & # 39. T use your screen on your phone up here, which means you really are stuck with it now in terms of space. It’s, not quite as spacious as the Honda CRV, but there is still quite a lot of room at the front here.

So very very tall people will be absolutely fine and we & # 39. Ve got two cupholders here and we & # 39. Ve got a very large cubby and a useful tray there and somewhere for your mobile phone. But remember you can’t, look at it, you can’t hold it and you also can’t look at it on there.

So actually, I think my put it into a box that is a reasonable size and there’s enough room for my fairly large bottle to fit in korban, although they could be a little bigger. Now the rav4 is a large car, so you are not going to be haunted by moans of disgruntled rear passengers through lack of space, because there’s.

Definitely enough room! There’s slightly more in a Honda CRV and slightly less in a Mazda cx-5, so it kind of sits in between the two and because it is so spacious, you can easily fit kids seats too, in fact, and still manage to fit in between.

If you’re, not particularly big the rav4 based a bigger booth and most of its rivals, in fact, it will fit ten carry-on suitcases, which is more than we’ve got in there. At the moment, we’ve just got a little bit of camera equipment and a pair of brown high heels, because of course, one pair is not enough anyway.

That is one more than its rival, the CRV and two more than the cx-5. And then, if you fold down the rear seats, you get an enormous load way and no load lip, which means uploading. Bulky items in and out is a doddle.

But how expensive is a Toyota rav4 and what’s? The real world fuel economy like these are the things you need to know about, buying and owning one. The extra technology and hybrid cars makes them more expensive to build, so they don’t always seem like bargains.

There are cheaper options available, for example, the Mazda cx-5 and the Peugeot 5008, but it is priced in line with its closest rival. The Honda CRV hybrid and even though the list price might seem a little high equipment levels, are very impressive.

All models get adaptive cruise control, dual-zone climate control and lots more, but we’d, still step up to design trim because there adds front parking. Sensors and sat-nav the rav4 is the cheapest company car of its rivals.

Thanks to tiny co2 emissions, plus it offers impressive fuel economy in two-wheel drive guys the rav4 in our true MPG tes achieved 49 miles per gallon, but a Honda, CRV Hybrid, is even more impressive.

Still it’s, unlikely that you & # 39. Ll need to worry about your rav4 breaking down, because Toyota has a fantastic reliability record, but as a backup it’s. Good to know you get a hundred thousand mile warranty or five years, which is better than many of its rivals.

The rav4 has received an excellent rating from Euro endcap. Not only does it get the full five stars overall, but it also scores highly in each of the individual categories: racking up some of the highest scores in the class better than rivals, including the Peugeot 5008 Mazda cx-5 and Honda CRV.

In other words, it’s, one of the safest cars in the large SUV class. The rav4 is a regular hybrid, which means it. Doesn’t need plugging in which also means it’s. Fenian. Oh, we’re in electric mode. That is fantastic.

I was just about to criticize it and say that you & # 39. Ll only get a few hundred yards, but I’m traveling at 15 miles an hour and it is an e V mode which is really really satisfying because it’s very nice and relaxing.

But if you put your foot down slightly and get up to the speed limit, that’s, it the two and a half litre petrol engine has now kicked in. So you’re best off leaving it in normal mode instead of evey, because then the car can decide for itself whether it wants to select electric mode or conventional powered acceleration.

Isn’t to shoving. You get that almost instant power that you get from an electric vehicle, which means joining a roundabout or overtaking, is a breeze. The two-wheel drive model does naught to 60 in 8.

4 seconds and the four-wheel drive thanks to that extra little bit of traction. Does it fractionally quicker in 8.1 seconds ride? Comfort may not be the Toyota rav4 strongest suit. It does thud over potholes slightly, which is not what you quite expect from a family car.

A Honda CRV feels a lot more settled around town and a Peugeot 5008 is more comfortable still the round Ford disappoints with its handling. It never feels particularly willing to change direction quickly, thanks to its large weight and rolling into the corners, admittedly hybrids.

Rarely handlers tidally as pure petrol and diesel cars because of the extra weight of their batteries and electric motors, but the CRV Hybrid feels more stable through tight, twists and turns and has more naturally weighted steering now in normal driving because of its hybrid setup.

It feels relatively harsh compared with its petrol and diesel rivals, but put your foot down and the petrol engine kicks in, and it just sounds like you’re stuck in first gear and it’s because of that CVT gearbox, and it Only eases off when you use the revs off it’s, not a particularly relaxing experience.

So the Toyota rav4 is fairly ordinary to drive, but its strong points lie elsewhere. It’s. Real selling points are costs sure it’s more expensive to buy than a lot of other large SUVs. But you should make that up further down the line when it comes to its resale values.

And if you’re a company car driver, it will be one of the cheapest large SUVs to run because of the cheap company car tax and remember, if you’re thinking about buying one there’s, a thousand pounds Off right now, if you go to what card comm and also you will find our full online written review of this car and its rivals and before you go anywhere, remember,


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