Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf Is the Expensive Luxury Sedan

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

This is a 2018 aston, martin lagonda taraff, officially just the laganda tiraf, and it is the world’s, most expensive luxury sedan. Ever when this debuted it had a sticker price of around 1 million dollars, which makes this twice as expensive as a rolls-royce phantom, and they only made 120 of these for the entire planet.

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This is the aston martin dealership here in los angeles, but it’s also bugatti and bentley, and several other brands. Oguera has some of the most special cars for sale in all of southern california, and that includes this lagonda tiroff.

It is the only turoff currently for sale anywhere in north america, then again, of course, this is the only to roth for sale in north america, because the laganda taraff was never available in north america.

Aston martin created this car to be the ultimate luxury sedan and the plan was only to sell them in the middle east, where there was a specific market demand. Aston martin said for such a vehicle. Eventually, they added more production and sold a few in europe and other markets, but never in north america, but it’s no surprise.

The production run was so limited because the price tag was so enormous. Like i said when it was new, this cost around 1 million, which made it the single most expensive luxury sedan in the world, and in fact it still is the most you can equip a fully optioned rolls royce.

Phantom 2 is around 600 000, so this is basically two phantoms worth of luxury sedan under the hood is a v12 six liters makes about 530 horsepower and the platform is the same one from the aston martin db9.

So what makes this car cost a million dollars? Why is it called the laganda taraff and how is it here today? I’m, going to answer those questions and review this car. First, i’m, going to show you all of the quirks and features of the ultimate luxury sedan.

Then i’ll, get it out on the road and drive it and then i’ll, give it a doug score. All right. I’m, going to start the quirks and features of the laganda turoff with probably its best feature, and that would be the fact that it is beautiful and i mean truly gorgeous breathtakingly beautiful.

Frankly, i believe this is the best looking four-door car. I have ever seen i’ve previously said that about the e38 bmw 7 series, but now spending some time with this car. I can see that i was terribly mistaken.

This really is an intensely beautiful car gorgeous lines flowing down the body. The steeply raked windshield i actually stumbled across one of these street parked in london last summer, and i spent minutes looking at it today.

I’ve spent many more minutes and i think it’s. Fabulous, truly amazing. The rear end styling is probably the best part, these gorgeous lines that come to the back and give it like a concept car look in back, but this is no concept car.

You can drive it around if you have a million dollars, but anyway, now that we’ve covered this car’s, sheer beauty, let’s. Talk through some interesting exterior quirks, starting with the door handle you can see.

They’re flat up against the body to get in the same with other aston martins from this era you press the front part of the handle, the back part pops out, and you can pull it open. Pretty simple. Another interesting thing in this vicinity is the glass on the side of the car.

You can see there’s a front window and a back window, but then there’s glass in between them. That’s, because aston martin didn’t want to put some plastic panel here, like basically every other car. It wouldn’t, look as luxurious.

They wanted to keep the glass going down the whole side of the turoff, and so there’s. This non-moving glass panel in the middle between the two pieces of glass, that is pretty cool and next up another touch worth mentioning here.

On the side you can see this car has one of these front. Fender gills as a lot of cars from this era did and an aluminum piece sticks out that contains the turn signal on the side of the car, a lot of automakers integrated into the mirrors, but in this car it’s on the silver front.

Fender gill piece kind of interesting more interesting, though than the turn signal on the side of this car, is the one in back all right. When you turn on the headlights, the tail lights light up and back and you can see there are these individual horizontal lights – looks pretty cool back here, very distinctive different from other aston martin models, but it gets even cooler when you turn on the turn signal.

Take a look, the lower part lights up in orange and you can see the red taillights switch color to orange for each flash of the turn signal, but just on the lower half of this tail light assembly again a very distinctive, very cool, look that speaks to The luxury of this car and next up, we move up front in the turret, for there are a few interesting items worth pointing out, starting with the grill you can see.

This is a very distinctively shaped, grille, very special, very noticeable and very different from regular aston. Martin models, for instance, take a look at the db9 grille. You can see a different shape.

It fits differently with the headlights very different from what you get in the tiroth, where you have this sort of headlight flowing into grille and just an overall different design. They wanted to make sure this car was very distinctive from standard aston martin models now up here.

The headlights are not particularly distinctive or notable, but the turn signals are worth mentioning right now you can see the headlights are on and the running lights are on in this car. But if you put on the turn signal you can see, it takes the place of one of the running lights.

Whichever side you’ve put on blinking orange instead of the running light being there again, a distinctive look for the front of this car and distinctive of other aston martin models at the time, which typically had larger turn, signals that would kind of run Up the front fender above the headlights and finally, we move on to probably the most important thing up front, and that would be the badge on the hood from your angle.

It probably looks like an aston martin badge, but look a little closer. It’s, a badge different distinct from the aston martin badge and in fact this isn’t technically, an aston martin. It’s supposed to be called just the laganda tiraf, with laganda being the brand and turoff being the model like ford, taurus, laganda tiraf.

So what is uh laganda? You might be wondering. Well, this is aston. Martin’s, luxury brand. They & # 39, ve owned it since the 40s, and there have been various laganda models over the years. In fact, i reviewed the old school 70s 80s lagonda at one point and is one of my all-time favorite videos.

I’ve ever filmed because the car is so bizarre and quirky after that car went away in the early 90s. The lagonda brand went away too, but aston martin resurrected it for this car to celebrate the 100th birthday of aston martin, because nothing says 100 years of aston martin, like a car from a different brand anyway, that’s.

The story behind laganda, as for torath, it means ultimate luxury in arabic. Initially, the plan was only to sell these cars in the middle east, where that name would make more sense, but eventually they decided to sell a few more units globally and that’s.

What it’s called, and next up, we move on to climbing into the turoff a couple of interesting things happen when you open the door for one thing, the window rolls down a lot of cars. Do this to make sure the window seals with the car, but in this case it rolls down quite a bit several inches in front and it’s, the same thing in the rear, open the door.

The window rolls down several inches, the aston. Martin repeat, sedan also did this, but you don & # 39. T, typically see it that often now, of course, when you close the door, the window rolls right back up and forms that seal against the body, so water doesn’t get in now.

The other interesting thing that happens when you open the doors is that they open up. Aston martin has swan hinge doors, so they say and they open a little more upwards than regular doors, both to look cool and to help you clear any curbs.

So the door doesn’t scrape and you can see the look of those swan hinge. Doors from the front again, very distinctive, very aston, martin, but to me the doors have an even cooler trick than that check this out.

You know how, when you park on a hill, you open the door and then it tries to close again because of gravity or you park right next to a car. And you want to open your door just far enough to get out, but the door won’t stay put in that spot.

Well, the turf’s. Doors will take a look at this. You open the door and you can place it precisely where you want, and it will stay exactly there, no matter where you put it, no matter how far you open it.

I think this is the coolest trick and it’s all thanks to this little hydraulic at the bottom of the door. You can see it there. That is what keeps the door precisely where you want to put it. It is a very nice feature and very luxurious, a nice piece of attention to detail from the turret i’m, going to start in back, because this is an ultra luxury car.

So this seems like the right place to be the first thing you notice, when you climb back here, is there’s a lot of space? I recently reviewed the rapid and it was tight in back this isn’t. You can see.

I can pretty much just spread out there’s, a lot of room in the back of the turoff very different vehicle, that’s partially, because this is a foot and a half longer than a repeat, and it appears a lot of That extra length was stuck in the back seat for more comfort and it isn’t just leg room that’s impressive back here it’s, also headroom.

I have a lot of room for my head. When i sit back, i have at least an inch or maybe more until the ceiling. One reason for that is the ceiling actually curves up for better rear seat. Headroom. You can see in the front it’s, one height, and then it moves higher in the back so that rear passengers have more headroom back here, so they can be more comfortable, which is a nice luxury touch.

You’d, expect on a million dollar sedan and next up speaking of the ceiling in some cars, you have just a fabric headliner. Other cars have a slightly nicer material, but this takes things to a whole new level.

The headliner is leather and not just leather, but hand, stitched leather, with this beautiful pattern, all the way from the front to the back, and it is absolutely gorgeous again. This isn’t something you’re, going to touch or really look at very frequently it’s, just the ceiling, but they made it beautiful and that beauty and luxury translates to several other places throughout the back of this Car, for one thing, take a look at the b-pillar.

You have this contraption here. This is a handle designed to help you get out of the car. You put your hands on it, pull and then you can lift yourself up and get out of course beautifully finished in leather and aluminum.

And when you’re, not using it, you can put it right up against the b-pillar and it is magnetized. So it will stay in place and stay out of the way and not dangle around and make noise pretty luxurious and next up speaking of luxury, this little piece between the seats is just an armrest.

You can fold it down and when you have it folded down, you can see between the backrest there’s, a little compartment open that up and it’s for drinks or more specifically, bottles, and you can cool it.

Press this button and it turns on the refrigerator in this compartment, and that way you can keep your bottles cool to save them for later or make sure they’re chilled when you arrive wherever you’re going a nice touch in A very expensive car and next up another luxury touch back here – is the detail work on the seats, not just the stitching, which looks nice, but take a look at this pattern down the center these circles and then little dots between them very, very beautiful, better than Your typical leather and stitching, which is already pretty beautiful.

This is a gorgeous pattern that’s repeated in various places throughout the car it looks really cool, but that’s, not the only impressive leather detail. How about the fact that the seat belt buckles are covered in leather as well, and they also have contrast stitching on them, which is really impressive.

These belt buckles have to be kind of a crappy plastic to comply with regulation, so aston martin wraps them to hide the crappiness. So everything looks beautiful back here, pretty nice and by the way, if you want to spend a million dollars on a lagonda teraf.

So you can use it as a family car with children. You will be happy to know. There are some benefits back here for kids. For one thing, you have child seat anchors back here, and one of them is behind this aluminum look panel, this beautiful panel.

You can pop it off and that’s, where a child seat anchor goes. That is probably the nicest looking child seat anchor hider that i’ve ever seen. Of course, you can also see on the backs of the front seats.

You have ipads mounted here. Obviously these ipads aren’t aston martin ipads, but this car does offer this little clip behind the front seats. So you can attach an ipad a tablet. So your kids in the back won’t be bored while you’re driving along a nice touch and another kid-friendly item back here in the center console that folds down you open it up, and you can see.

There are two different usb ports, so you can charge those ipads if you want to or any other device your kid might be using while you drive them along in million dollar luxury and speaking of the center.

Next up, we move on to the center control area, which, interestingly, is pretty much identical to what you’ll, find in the repeat. Basically, everything in here is exactly what you’ll, find in the back of the repeat right down to these fixed climate vents that are raised up and pointing at the rear seat, passengers and the strange heated seat adjustment where you press the heated seat.

Button and then twist this little dial to turn on the seat and then press the button again to switch to the other seat and turn the dial to turn on that seat. And it’s very strange. But i guess it works and you have the rapid, strange temperature adjustment back here for the climate control, where you can press mode to pop up a thermometer and then move the dial to adjust the temperature.

But it doesn’t, actually tell you what temperature you’ve selected, just that it’s higher or lower on the thermometer again very strange, but all of this stuff is directly lifted. Out of the repeat. Now this shouldn’t come as that, big of a surprise.

Only a 120 car production run. They’re, not going to make totally new switches and buttons and control panels, but i have to say: if you spent a million bucks on a leganda, then you got into repeat and couldn’t really tell the difference in back.

You might be a little disappointed so to an extent. I am surprised to see exactly the same in this little area and next up, we move on to the front of the turoff, where we notice more rapid stuff, actually just like in back.

The steering wheel is basically the rapid steering wheel and the same wheel used in other aston martin models at the time except the middle says laganda instead of aston martin in the vicinity of the steering wheel, you have the turn signal stock.

The famous ford focus turn signal stock literally used on ford models, because ford owned aston martin, when that signal stock first went in that is even carried into the million dollar taraff and sharing those pieces with the rapide and other aston.

Martin. Models from this era also means sharing the navigation system, which is a garmin navigation system just adapted for use in aston martin. I also complained about this in my rapid review, and here it is again, except now this car costs a million dollars crazy to see navigation.

Like that in a car like this, but it’s, just what aston martin had at the time it’s all they had, and so that’s. What this car has too definitely not fitting the beauty, the luxury of the laganda tour of with that said, there are some pretty cool things in here.

Some nice luxury touches that go with this car, like the key, for example, you can see this is the key. This rectangle that has this glass brick at the end, you look in the brick and there’s. The luganda logo now check this out to start the car.

You place the key inside this little slot in the middle. That also has the luganda logo. You push the key in it pushes down that luganda logo, but then it’s replaced by the keys luganda logo. So you always have that in there, regardless of whether or not your key is in the center and the car is on that’s, pretty cool the laganda logo, always looking at you from the engine starter button.

Another thing i like in this vicinity is the push button transmission. I like pr and d buttons right there. It helps free up some space in the center console where a traditional gear lever would be, and next up another luxury touch in this car.

It has a nice bang and olefson sound system and when you first turn on the car, you can see the speakers rise up from the dashboard and then they stay in that position and provide you with a music experience.

They do this on the passenger side and over on the driver’s side, you can see rising up when the car starts and when the stereo is on. You turn off the car and the speakers retreat back down. So they’re.

More flush with the dashboard until you start it again, and they pop back up, that is a pretty cool touch and next up. Another cool touch in this car is on the gauge cluster. That would be the tachometer which revvs the wrong direction.

This is an aston martin hallmark the tachometer and speedometer are opposites, and it is a neat look and very distinctive for aston martin. The gauge cluster by the way is also beautiful. A nice looking piece gorgeous in there and you can see the speedometer is in kilometers per hour that’s because, like i mentioned, the toroth was never sold new in north america.

So this one got a kilometer per hour speedometer when it was sold. New and that may make you wonder what exactly is this doing here? Well, the taraf is legal to import to north america under the show or display law which allows certain very special cars to be imported.

If it’s in like the public interest to see them in shows or displays, and you can import your taraff for that reason, and this one has been legally imported and titled here in north america and the epa signed off on it and even Gave this car its own individual epa, fuel economy rating and so that’s? How the turoff made it to north america makes sense, but anyway, back to the beauty of this car, i want to go back to the stitching again in front gorgeous stitching on the seats and this gorgeous circle pattern down.

The center of the seats really looks beautiful. You also have that gorgeous circle pattern in the center console again looks great rimmed by stitching everything. Just looks beautiful in here. You also have the laganda logo stitched into the seats again, not aston, martin.

They’re, very particular about this laganda. You won’t, really find any aston, martin logos anywhere on this car, at least not on display further driving that point home in the center console. You can see this little silver circle.

This is an ashtray that comes with this car. You pop it open, put your ashes in it, you can empty it out, pretty simple. The cool part is, it says, laganda on the top, not aston martin. There are probably not too many of these, maybe one made for each tarath.

This is a pretty cool accessory. Now, interestingly, in the vicinity of this ashtray, there are a few buttons in here which are kind of odd one. Is the lock unlock button that’s? It just this tiny little small, horizontal button, you press it to lock and unlock your doors, not very large and very out of the way for a lock unlock button, but that’s where it is.

You also here have the button to pop your trunk, this little button with a car, the trunk open press that and that’s, how you open the trunk in the turret and with the trunk open a couple of interesting items in here.

For one thing, it is a very small trunk for such a large car. You don’t, really have all that much cargo space in here and if you look into the trunk, you can clearly see the bottle. Chiller refrigerator intrudes on the trunk space.

Quite a bit, and if you throw something back there, it could maybe damage that piece which is just kind of sticking out. So you want to make sure to remember that’s there, when you’re putting stuff in your tarot trunk, but the trunk is fairly small.

Even aside from that it’s, just not a very large cargo area. It does, however, contain an umbrella as all new aston martin’s, do an umbrella included with the car. It is very rainy in the uk, after all the cool thing with this umbrella, is it’s, not an aston martin umbrella, but it says laganda on it.

It is a special laganda umbrella for the laganda taurath, that’s, pretty cool. And finally, the last interesting thing in this area is how the trunk closes. You can just slam it down, but you don’t have to.

It is a soft closed trunk. You can just get it near to where it will latch and then it will latch automatically. So you’re, not slamming anything, because that is not a luxurious, beautiful thing to do, and next up speaking of things that open on this car, let’s talk fuel door which is on this like horizontal panel, and it opens up, Like this, this is one of the most beautiful spots in the whole car to open up the fuel door.

You press this little button in the driver’s foot. Well, you push that and then the fuel door. Pops open like this. The interesting thing here is, you can see it is a capless fuel system. So there’s. No cap, you unscrew, you just stick the pump in pump your fuel and then close it and drive off in your million dollar beauty.

And finally, we move under the hood, and you can see this car’s engine the six liter v12, like i mentioned about 530 horsepower. Now, interestingly, the engine says aston martin on it not luganda. This is the only place.

The aston martin logo really appears prominently in the entire car under the hood, letting you know who built the engine, although it is worth noting that on the little plaque that tells you who was the final inspector for this car, that has a lagonda badge on it.

Not aston martin, so it was really just the engine that they kept the aston martin on now. As for this car’s. Performance, like i mentioned it’s about a foot and a half longer than a rapid, which is a huge figure, but it weighs about the same right.

Around 4 300 pounds pretty heavy, but no heavier than the repeat, despite its larger size, 530 horsepower. V12 in a car, this size 0-60 was around 4.4 seconds and a top speed of around 195 miles per hour.

So, even though this was the ultimate luxury sedan, it could certainly still perform, and so those are the quirks and features of the laganda tiroff. Now it’s time to get it out on the road and see how it drives all right driving the tarot.

I have always wanted to drive this car just to be around this car. It is just such a gorgeously, beautiful automobile, just truly spectacularly beautiful, and i’ve learned two things today from spending the day with this car one is that it’s even more beautiful than i thought i’m, not Kidding this is a really gorgeous car.

It’s. It’s quite impressive to behold this thing in public um. It looks very different from just about anything else and it’s really cool. The other thing, though, that i think is worth mentioning you’re, not paying for.

Oh. When i heard about the turf i assumed it would have all sorts of crazy equipment and stuff and features and be like a phantom on steroids. The truth is it’s, got a lot of rapide and a lot of db9 in here.

At the end of the day it’s become clear to me, you’re, not paying for the luxury. Quite as much as you’re paying for the rarity and the styling, you will not encounter another sedan. This beautiful, you will not encounter another one of these, maybe in your whole country, no matter where you live um and having something that unique and that special is in itself pretty special and pretty cool, and i think that’s.

What people are paying for when they buy this car? The engine is the same as a rapid. The switch gear is basically right out of a db9. That stuff is fairly similar. It is a little bigger and back you have the drink cooler that sort of thing there are some benefits, but not a million dollars worth the million dollars comes in this car’s rarity and it’s.

You know value in the fact that there’s not going to be another one and the fact that it’ll, probably hold its value pretty well, because you’re, never going to see another one of these on the Road, the handling is fine, it handles about, like a repeat, does but which is to say not especially quick, that’s, not really what it’s for the steering and handling it’s, not incredibly fast, but this is Ultimately, a luxury car and that’s, not really the purpose.

I will say the gear changes are better than i expected you think, with an old single clutch transmission like this, it would be slow. It’d, be annoying um. It’s, not really it’s, actually reasonably comfortable and acceptable in terms of the world of gear.

Changing it feels soft, i would say, as i have the car in sport mode right now, even in sport mode, it feels pretty soft, but not very high performancy, but comfortable gear changes. It’s, not like it slams you around, like an old maserati.

The interior of this car is a little bit nicer than what you get in a repeat or a db9. Just generally speaking, in here, better stitching, everything is just a little bit more luxurious and higher quality um stitching on the seats.

The patterns, the st the ceiling, the sun, visors. Everything’s, just a little bit nicer, but really you’re, paying a million dollars it’s like those one-off ferraris that they’re. Doing for very rich people like the eric clapton one, you’re, paying for the rarity, the specialness.

The fact that no one else has one a rapide is a pretty similar car for about when it was new about a fifth of the money. But rapides are around, you see them. Occasionally they’re, now 50 grand used cars.

This will never be that this will always be a car owned by someone with exquisite taste, one of the most special most beautiful cars aston martin has ever produced, and i really think, probably the most beautiful four-door car of all time, and so that’S, the aston, martin lagonda taraff, technically just the laganda teraf.

This is an impressive car with beautiful styling and unbelievable rarity, and it’s. The world’s most expensive sedan. Is it worth a million bucks? Well, you don’t exactly have a million bucks to spend now do you, but if you did, maybe you would want this car, so you could pull up at a stoplight with a rolls-royce phantom and sneer at the commoner.

Next to you, as you drive off laughing anyway, now it’s time to give the turoff a doug score, starting with the weekend categories and styling, i’m doing it. This gets a 10 out of 10.. I’ve. Never given a 10 to a sedan before, but i really think if anything deserves it, it’s.

This. This is the most beautiful sedan ever made. Acceleration 0-60 is 4.4 seconds and it gets a 7 out of 10. handling is fine. It’s, a big car, so there’s, no sports car and it gets a 6 out of 10. fun factor is fine.

This is more about luxury and prestige than fun, but it’s still fast and it gets a 6 out of 10.. Cool factor is also huge, except for the fact that not everyone knows what it is. It gets a 9 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 38 out of 50.

. Next up are the daily categories and features it’s a bit behind with no adaptive cruise and that garmin navigation and other drawbacks, and it gets a 5 out of 10. comfort is good better than the repeat, especially in back, and it gets a 7 out of 10.

quality is great again better than the rapide, with more attention paid to luxury still aston. Reliability is a bit worrisome and it gets a 7 out of 10.. Practicality is normal for a car like this, and it gets a 5 out of 10.

. Finally, value – and this is a tough one – you can have the same engine and performance and many interior pieces in a rapid for literally a tenth of the money, but people who buy this want exclusivity and boy.

Does the laganda offer it still? It’s, huge money and it gets a 4 out of 10 for a total daily score of 28 out of 50. added up and the doug score is 66 out of 100, which places the lagonda here against other ultra luxury sedans.

This isn’t the best luxury sedan in terms of performance or luxury, but it’s, the most beautiful, the most exclusive and the most head-turning period, and for hundred and twenty laganda taraf owners out there, nothing else will do


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