The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S 992

2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S 992

This is the new 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S, and it is the ultimate Porsche 911 now the 911 Turbo has always been the ultimate 911, but this is the newest model based on the new generation, 992 Porsche 911, and it is more ultimate than ever before and Today I’m, going to take you on a tour of this car and show you what I mean first a little overview now.

The Porsche 911 is generally agreed to be one of the greatest sports cars of all time. It’s been on the market for decades. Everybody knows that for years the 911 Turbo has been the range-topping 911 model, the flagship 911 you got when you wanted the best and the fastest and the most expensive version.

Now, in recent years, the GT cars have surged in popularity, the gt2, the gt3, the RS models. But if you want the best 911 without a harsh, sportscar track-focused rough ride, the 911 turbo still reigns supreme and this car, the turbo s, is the king of the 911 lineup.

This is the 2021 model based on the new 992 generation 911. Now I’ve, already reviewed the regular 992 911, but this is a whole different animal. It uses a turbocharged flat-six that makes 640 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque Porsche says it’ll do 0 to 60 in 2.

7 seconds on its way to a top speed of 205 miles per hour. Of course, it costs a fortune really the base price for the new 911 Turbo S is around two hundred and five thousand dollars or if you want to step up to the convertible model, the Cabriolet like this one that figure climbs to around two hundred and eighty Thousand dollars and that’s before options.

Of course, there will soon be a base level turbo model, but then you get less power and you’re still looking at a starting price, probably around a hundred and sixty five to a hundred and seventy thousand dollars.

And today I’m, going to show you what the 911 Turbo S delivers for that insane money. First, I’m gonna. Take you on a thorough tour of the new 911 Turbo S, and I’m going to show you all of its interesting quirks and features.

Then I’m gonna get it out on the road and drive it, and then I’m going to give it a dug score. Alright, I’m gonna start the crooks and features of the new 911 turbo with getting in, and that means starting with the door handle which is currently flush up against the door right now and that’s, because the car is Locked, if you want to pop out the door handle, so you can pull it and open the door.

You have to walk up to the car with your key in your pocket and then stick your hand into this little cavity and the door handle will pop out. Take another look at that: you just stick your hand in it, pops out and then from there once it’s out, you just pull the door handle and you can open the door now, the other way to get the door hands.

That’ll pop out is just take the key and press the unlock button and then the door handles will pop out signifying that the car is unlocked and then you can reach in and open up the door now. The next interesting item is locking the car when the door handles are popped out.

Like I said, the car is unlocked, but you can press the lock button on the key fob that will lock the doors and then the door handles will go back into their normal flush with the door position. But you also have another option.

If you want to lock the car – and that is, if you have the key in your pocket, you can just tap on the door handle and then the car will automatically lock and the door handles will automatically retreat back to their door hole and next up, we Move inside the car, I want to start the interior quirks and features with the roof, because this isn’t just a 911 Turbo S, but rather a turbo S, Cabriolet, meaning it has a convertible roof.

Now I put the roof up there’s, a button in the center console that has a picture of it 911 with the roof on you pull that button and then the roof comes into place and, as you can see, it happens rather quickly.

This is a fast operating power top. I guess the theory is they don’t want you to get wet at all. If you happen to be driving along with the roof down and a sudden rainstorm up here, and it’s, the same situation, if you want to put the roof down, go back to the center console, you have a button depicting at 911 with the Roof down you pull on that and then the roof begins.

It’s going down process. Again, it’s, a very quick, a very easy operation, and you can do this while rolling, which means that you don’t have to come to a complete, stop like an older convertibles. But there are a few other notable crooks of the roof and I want to start with.

The wind deflector go back into the center console and you can see right below the power top there’s, a button with a little shape on it, showing arrows pointing up or down that button controls the wind deflector.

You press it and you can see that the wind deflector automatically extends in the back to make sure that any wind that comes at you while you’re driving the car with the roof down, is deflected and passed over the roof.

So your hair doesn’t, get all messed up. While you’re driving with the top down it’s, pretty standard for most convertibles to have a wind deflector, although usually it’s. Not power operated like this one, and the other interesting thing is: when you put the window flight door up it pretty much takes up the entire rear seat compartment.

So that means, if you have rear passengers – and you want to put the roof down, you will probably mess up your hair since you won’t, be able to put the wind deflector in place with rear passengers seated back there.

But to me maybe the most interesting quirk of the whole top situation is the windows. Now here your power window switches and obviously you can use them to put the windows up or down that’s pretty standard, but there are more windows than just the front ones check this out.

If you push this little button and it lights up, your window switches are now controlling the rear windows. There are these tiny little rear quarter, windows that you can also put up or down and believe it or not.

Those windows will actually come in handy, for instance, if you want to put up all the windows to eliminate as much wind as possible with the roof down you & # 39. Ll want to put up those little back windows for even less wind or, if you want an open-air, feel in this interior without putting a roof down, you can put down the front windows and the back windows and have kind of an open feel, but keep the Roof in place, so you have those controls to adjust those little afterthought back windows and by the way, one more little rear window item you can’t put them up if the front windows are down Porsche.

Doesn’t want you driving around looking like an idiot with your little back windows up, but your front windows down. So they make sure you have to have the front windows up if you want to put the back windows up, but anyway, back to the center console for more interior quirks and features in the very middle you have a cup holder.

You can see this rather large central cup holder, but it doesn & # 39. T have to be check this out. You push this little tab at the front of the cup holder and you can lift it right out and Porsche gives you, like.

A cup holder alternative this little storage compartment can put in there instead of the cupholder. If you would rather have storage rather than coupled or you can just decide and switch them out. So you have a removable cup holder in the center and since one cup holder for two seats would probably cause a problem.

There is a second one: it’s, cleverly hidden on the passenger side of the dashboard in this little panel. It just push it and it extends out, and you can see that’s. The passenger side cup holder. But when you don & # 39, t want it in place, just push it back in and then it’s hidden from view and next up.

Another rather unusual item in the center console of this car is the gear lever which has gotten a lot of interest ever since the new 911 debuted a few months ago. You can see it’s, small and weirdly shaped, and people think it looks like a shaver.

The operation is actually pretty intuitive. You pull it back for Drive, you push it forward for reverse, and if you want neutral it’s somewhere. In the middle, so it’s, a fairly standard thing. It just looks rather weird and small and stubby, of course, next to the gear lever you can see, you have two buttons.

There P and M P obviously puts the car in park when you’re parked and then M puts the transmission in manual mode if you want to shift gears yourself using the paddle shifters now, interestingly, this strange gear lever design is carried over to A few other controls in this center area, for example, the center control stack, has these five buttons on them.

That also share the gear lever design. You have the axle lifter on the left, the hazard lights in the middle. All of these buttons sort of have a similar theme to the rather unusual gear lever and it’s, the same story with the climate controls back to the center console next to the gear lever.

You have these three different climate control switches that also mimic the look of the gear lever. They change your temperature on your driver’s, side on your passenger side and your fan speed and you move those in the same way that you move the gear lever now speaking of the climate controls.

Another noteworthy item in here is that surrounding that gear lever shaped climate control switches. You have kind of a button panel. You can see when the car is off there’s, nothing there, but when you turn it on these buttons light up and then they allow you to choose between various different climate control functions and when you press each climate control button on the panel, It kind of lights up and confirms that you & # 39, ve pressed it so you know like when your defroster is on and that sort of thing it’s kind of a neat look and next up a rather weird item in this interior.

At the top of the dashboard in the middle, you have the clock – and this is surely one of the strangest clocks in the car industry, because the time is displayed on this tiny little readout in the center and the hand that’s going around Is the second hand, so you have a giant second hand, but a very small actual display of the time, which, of course is what you’re, really interested in now.

The reason for this is that this is actually the sport chrono display your lap timer, but when you’re, not using it as a lap timer, it doubles as a clock, and so that’s, how they turn it into a clock With a tiny display of the time, but a rather pronounced display what second it currently is very helpful, and next up we move on to the infotainment system.

I’ve reviewed this system in the new 911 Carrera S and in the new Cayenne Turbo, but I do want to hit a few highlights here. For instance, you can adjust the interior ambient light color, you can choose between seven different options.

My personal favorite is Atlantis. Yes, that’s, the color. I want my interior to be a lot of cars. Let you choose ambient light. Color, though more interesting here is that you can choose the amount of ambient light in various different places.

You can choose four different spots precisely how much ambient light shows through perfectly configure the mood of your Turbo S. Interior with that said, there is a big drawback to the climate controls in the infotainment system, and that is the fact that I think they’ve, just integrated too many controls into the screen.

For example, you can’t change where the air is coming out without going into the screen and pressing these little icons in here. So that means you can’t actually adjust the climate control air flow direction without going into the screen and going through menus, instead of just a simple control like basically every other car and it’s.

The same thing with the air conditioning you have to press this icon in this screen to confirm you want AC on and not just the fan or recirculating air. Again you have to go into a menu, not ideal. Those things should be on simple buttons that you can press easily and next up, we move on to the gauge cluster, where there is a lot like in the very center you have the tachometer, and then you have two screens one on either side of the tach.

I really love when the car is off. The tach just looks like it’s floating there in place when the screens aren’t on. That is a really cool look, but even when the car and the screens are on the tach, has this really cool look to it kind of an old-school vintage? Look in the middle of all of this modern technology? I love it now, as for the screens in the gauge cluster, they offer various different information.

The screen on the right is the most configurable and you can use this little wheel on the steering wheel to scroll through its various displays, and you can see it & # 39. Ll show your tire pressure, your trip data.

Eventually, it shows the map in the full screen and all sorts of other different, relevant vehicle information integrated into this right screen. But your screen, configurability doesn’t. Stop there press this little button on the steering wheel and then you switch screens.

Basically, now this little wheel controls the left screen and you can see it’s showing various different items. And here, although there’s, less configurability, because the speedometer is always fixed in place, but still pretty good configurability for these gauge cluster screens and I love seeing that old-school, tachometer right in the middle and by the way like I mentioned, I’ve covered this infotainment system before and other vehicles, but I want to say it’s, a really good one, generally speaking, very fast, very responsive to your touch and relatively intuitive as well.

You can also see on the navigation screen very, very responsive. Just as much as you’d, expect from any smartphone Tesla really had this ultra responsive center screen market cornered up to just a few years ago, but now all the automakers are coming fast.

But anyway I want to go back to the steering wheel. There are more controls worth highlighting one. Is this little wheel, sticking off the center of the wheel that says, drive mode? Obviously, you can use this to adjust your drive mode through various different settings: Comfort, Sport, Sport+, individual wet.

You can choose with your little steering wheel, dial the steering wheel. Dial also has another function, the middle is a button press it and it activates something called the sport response which lasts for 20 seconds.

You can see it in the gauge cluster actually counts down. When you’re in this mode, you have a short burst of power, perfect for a racetrack pass or a highway to go extra fast for a short time and another interesting steering wheel button worth noting over on the left.

You have this diamond button. You also see that exact same button in the center control stack another diamond in there. So what is that Porsche? Calls it the shortcut key and it’s programmable. Basically, you can program it to be something that you use often that doesn’t have an easy button, so, for instance, if you want that to pull up the radio or a common navigation destination, you can do that and then it’S sitting right there at your thumb, configurable buttons, a really good idea, and I hope, more automakers expand this.

It’s, nice to see two of them in this Porsche, and next up we move on to the back seats. Getting into the back seats is rather easy if you have the convertible model with the roof down. All you do is pull on this little loop here and push the seat forward, which I will do and then you can climb into the back, because you have all of the Headroom in the world.

It makes life easy, although once you’re back here there’s, not really that much space you can see. I can’t even clip the passenger seat into place. The 911 back seats remain some of the very smallest back seats in the entire car industry.

So then you’re, probably wondering well. Why even offer back seats? The answer is not, as some stupid urban legend says, to trick the insurance companies into thinking that you have a practical family car.

No insurance company is gonna think that a two hundred and twenty thousand dollar 640 horsepower Porsche suddenly becomes low risk to insure because it happens to have back seats and they’re, not that stupid.

Instead, the back seats are here for practical purposes. So that you can use them in a pinch, some people put kids back here or even adults for a short trip and they make the car just that much more practical.

I just wouldn’t want to be stuck back here for long as for the back seats themselves. There’s. Really nothing interesting back here, because there’s, really nothing back here at all, probably the most interesting back seat.

Item is that you can get rid of them. If you pull up on this little tab, you can actually fold down the back seats in the 911, which may seem odd because they don’t fold to a cargo area. But it does create a relatively flat floor bed here, where you can stick larger items if you want to keep something from sliding around and keep it in place and one other interesting item directly behind the back seats, you can see these little cutouts in this red Trim piece those cutouts are for the explosive roll bars if this card detects that it’s about to roll over an explosive charge will shoot up these incredibly strong roll bars through this little cutout piece of the trim and those roll bars are sturdy Enough to support the car if it rolls over which, in theory will provide head protection to the occupants, so that’s.

Why those little cutouts are there on this car and a lot of other convertibles? And next up, we move outside the new 911. There are a few interesting items worth discussing, starting with the width you can see in the back of this car is very wide.

It’s a little wider than its predecessor for an even more pronounced kind of aggressive. Look width is good for a sporty car. A wider track generally means better grip, better handling, better weight distribution, but you can’t go too wide because then it’ll start to be cumbersome.

This is the balanced Porsche has decided to strike for the new model by the way one interesting detail for the car geeks among us. The turn signal back here is orange. Take a look at this. It’s lighting up in orange.

Now that may not seem unusual, but all Porsche turn signals have been red for years and years and that will still be true on the new 911 turbo. This is a German spec car and in Europe turn signals have to be orange, but the US hasn’t made that regulation so turn signals can be red and I guess Porsche thinks that looks better.

So US market turn signals are red and next up another notable new 911 item. You can no longer access your engine, you can’t see it. You can’t, do anything with it. It’s, not possible, but you can get close there’s.

A little switch here in the driver’s door jam area and you can see it as a car with kind of the back open. You pull that switch and it gets you to here and then, as you can see, if you look in here, you have access to a few caps for fluid.

You have oil, and you have coolant in here and you can put stuff in if your car needs it, but no door access to the engine, and this is as close to a hood as you will get in the new 911 Porsche actually calls this.

The service flap and it’s, the same part that opens when you go to put the roof up or down. I guess the reason that it doesn’t open facing back is that all of the turbo models have a fixed rear wing, so that part had to kind of stay in place, and that meant this is all that you get.

If you want to check out the powertrain in your 911 at least, it says their 3.8 turbo s to try to remind you that, yes, the engine is lurking under there somewhere and finally, we move on to the front trunk in this car to open the front Trunk you pull on this little switch in the driver’s door jamb near the switch for the rear service flap, and that puts the front trunk into this position.

Then you come up here and there is a little latch that you pull somewhere there. We go open it up and then you have access to the front trunk. Nothing particularly interesting in here I’ve shown you front trunks in a million Porsche models and they’re all about the same.

You have a fairly sizable front. Trunk with decent cargo space, but otherwise no weirdnesses in here, and so those are the crooks and features of the new 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet. Now it’s time to get it out on the road and see how it drives all right.

Driving the 911 Turbo S, I’ve, been driving this car around for a little while – and I got ta say this is got ta, be one of the great sports cars of all. If you look at it objectively, it just really.

Is it handles unreal? I mean it’s, really really sharp, incredibly good, incredibly stable, incredibly poison’tremendously. Tight steering responds instantly, just fantastic. The acceleration is mind-boggling.

Finally, I’ve analyzed at the back of your head, like I can’t believe this is happening kind of my balloon. Then you also have the fact that it’s, not uncomfortable. You know the GT. Cars are cool, but they’re kind of a disaster, and most people don’t want that.

The guys who have are like I’m better than you, because they can sit on a car seat or you’re. Just bizarre for wanting to put up with it. You can have the same performance in terms of street usability in one of these and get a much more comfortable cool horn, and then there’s, the technology we have many screens throughout this car.

We have a ton of the latest tech blind, spot monitoring and lane keep assist and obviously over collision warning and braking and adaptive cruise roll blah blah blah. This thing’s, got everything so why wouldn’t someone want to get movie if you’re in the market.

You have this money. One of the reasons why you wouldn’t one is the brand name and the appearance ultimately to most people. This just looks like a 911, which is largely what it is just a modified, improved, enhanced version event 11 and in two hundred and twenty thousand dollars before options near planned against the AMG GT are in your plan for Rory Portofino.

You’re. Getting into McLaren territory, even the Huracan, they started not kind of range. The other big reason not to get this car is you’re gonna just get killed on resale value. The gt3, the gt2, the gt2 RS as much as those cars are challenging to drive and uncomfortable and over-the-top with their crazy blades.

They don’t, lose much value and the 911 turbo Porsche builds a lot of them. They do lose value and they lose value pretty substantially. But if you’re, looking for probably the best daily driver sports car, it’s really hard.

To argue against this. You get some of the best handling the best performance of any vehicle. It’s, not as flashy as a Ferrari or McLaren, which has its downsides at this price point. But you’re only getting a Porsche, but the upside.

Is you don’t have to worry about it when you park it as much you don’t have to think all the time as someone family is attracting too much attention. Does it send the wrong message to clients to employees? It’s, but really this car it’s, just so good.

In so many ways it drives so well. It feels so good it handles well, it’s, just excellent. It’s, a really really excellent car and the whole round car. That 911 Turbo has always been the vents and then is what feels like it’s, no eggs, and so that’s.

The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S. Cabriolet now I’m, not as big of a fan of all of the Porsche GT models. There’s, a lot of other car enthusiasts. I’m, getting tired of the larger and larger ever-growing wings and the look-at-me styling details and the really rough, harsh driving experience to me.

This is still the ultimate Porsche 911 just be prepared to pay for it a lot, and now it’s time to give the new 911 Turbo S a dug score, starting with the weekend categories in styling, the new 911 turbo looks great, but still 911 II – and it gets a 7 out of 10 acceleration 0 to 60 – is under 3 seconds, so it gets a 10 out of 10 handling is very sharp, but not quite on the level of the top exotic supercars and it gets an 8 out of 10 Fun factor is great, but also not just on the level of the best exotics it’s just too good without as much of a sense of occasion, and it gets an 8 out of 10.

Cool factor is high but same deal to most people. This is still a 911. It does well that earns a 7 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 40 out of 50 next up are the daily categories and features it’s well equipped better than most cars like this, and it gets a 7 out of 10 Comfort is also better than average, and it gets a 5 out of 10.

Quality is tremendously high, both in terms of materials and reliability, and it gets an 8 out of 10. Practicality is better than average for a car. This performance level, given the back seats and usability and it gets a 3 out of 10 value – is only about average.

It’s, a great car, but a really expensive one, and it’ll lose value fast. It gets a 6 out of 10 for a total daily score of 29 out of 50 added up in the dug. Score is 69 out of 100, which places it here against exotic supercars.

The 911 turbo is the odd man out here. It gets a better daily score than any of these cars Ferrari, Lamborghini McLaren out er8, but it gets a worst weekend score, proving that this is really the daily usable supercar and for people who want that and it’s.


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