2021 Cadillac Escalade Ultra-Luxury SUV with Crazy Features


This is the new 2021 cadillac escalade and it’s. A big deal, the full-size luxury suv segment is really hot right now, with some major new competitors and the escalade was starting to fall behind. Today, i’m, going to review the brand new, fully redesigned 2021 escalade to see if it’s, the new full-size luxury suv, you will want to have [ Music ] before i get started, be sure to check out cars and bids Which is my new online enthusiast car auction website for modern cool cars? If you’re looking to sell a cool car from the modern era check out cars and bids, you & # 39, ll, get the most interest and the most money for your cool car.

And if you’re looking to buy a cool car from the modern era, cars and bids has amazing variety with daily auctions check it out at carsandbids.com. First, a little background. The escalade first came out for the 1999 model year.

It was one of the pioneers of the full-size luxury suv segment, along with the lincoln navigator, eventually other brands joined in and now this segment is hot. You have the mercedes-benz gls, which was just redesigned.

You have the bmw x7, which just came out. You have the new lincoln navigator, which was also just redesigned. It is a crowded segment, with a lot of attention focused on it right now, and the escalade was always the gold standard, the one everybody wanted right up there with the range rover.

It was those two and everything else was just sort of second best, but that’s, hardly the case anymore, as newer, better rivals have started to make the escalade feel outdated and just not very competitive, and so now there’s.

A new one, the 2021 escalade is the fifth generation escalade model and it’s. A huge improvement over the outgoing escalade. The escalade comes standard with a 6.2 liter v8 that makes 420 horsepower. Although a turbo diesel six cylinder is on the way for improved fuel economy, pricing starts at around 78 thousand dollars for the base model, though it can rise to well over a hundred thousand dollars for a top-of-the-line, escalade platinum like this one, and while you can clearly See the exterior is heavily updated compared to the old model.

The biggest changes are on the inside and today i’m, going to show you what i mean. First, i’m, going to take you on a thorough tour of the new escalade and i’m going to show you all of the interesting quirks and features of the latest version of an iconic suv.

Then i’m. Going to get it out on the road and drive it and then i’ll, give it a dug score all right. There are a lot of quirks and features to the new escalade so get ready. I want to start with the lighting, which does some cool things when you approach the car at night, you walk up from the front, unlock the doors and you can see the lights on the bumper kind of pulse at you a few times before.

Turning on to recognize your presence, that’s, kind of a cool touch and, in my opinion, it’s, even cooler. If you walk up from behind and press unlock the light kind of sweeps through the tail lights before the tail lights, completely turn on and again illuminate to, let you know the car has recognized your unlock command, but a lot of cars these days do little light Dances when you’re approaching them at night, especially luxury cars with their headlights and tail lights, it’s becoming pretty common, but the escalade takes it a step further, for example, get out of your escalade at night turn it off, and You can see a little cadillac logo is projected onto the ground behind the rear, bumper and strangely enough it’s.

Off-Center, you can see. I’m, putting my hand under there. This is a projection. Now a lot of cars will project their emblem from the mirrors on the outside at night, but i’ve, never seen one here before in the back bumper and off center.

I was very curious about this and it turns out it’s, projecting the location where you’re supposed to swipe your foot in order to open up the hands-free tailgate. You swipe your foot exactly on the cadillac logo and it will open up and they do that when you turn off the car.

So you know exactly where to swipe in order to access your cargo in the back, and it gets even more interesting, walk up to the new escalade from the front again press the unlock button and it’s, not just the headlights that light up, But also this cadillac logo in the interior on the dashboard projecting out so that you can see it as you walk toward your car.

I guess to remind you that you have a cadillac and to bring the light show beyond just the typical headlights and tail lights and speaking of that dashboard, it’s. The very first thing you notice when you climb inside the new escalade, because this car is all about the screens.

There are five separate screens just for the front seats in this car, including one that is 38 inches of screen, combining three different screens on the dashboard. It is huge, it is a focal point and cadillac says it is the very first piece of curved infotainment screen in the car industry.

Cadillac is also pretty proud of how it’s been integrated into this interior, rather than just tacked on, like some screens that look out of place. This one was designed to match the curves of the dashboard, and i do think they & # 39.

Ve done a good job with that, but there is a lot of screen in the new escalade now, despite the sheer amount of screen in here, cadillac is very proud of the fact that they’ve, kept the screens very low and curvy and in Their view luxurious contrast that, with most other large suvs, look at the new chevy tahoe.

For instance, you can see an upright center control stack, an upright center screen, whereas in the escalade the lower wider curvier screen cadillac feels is more luxurious, more befitting of an ultra luxury suv, instead of like a big truck now, like i said this 38 inch group Of screens on the driver side and in the center is really composed of three separate screens.

The one in the middle is an infotainment screen like you’d, expect controlled in the usual way. You can use it as a touch screen or you can use this dial in the center to control it. This is pretty much just cadillac’s, newest infotainment system, adapted for a curved screen, and i already went into more detail with this system.

In my review of the cadillac ct5, which i will link below that center screen is by no means the most interesting screen in this interior. In fact, it’s. The least interesting screen the most exciting one is over on the left of the gauge cluster.

You can see there’s. A little screen over here. Reading out your trip odometers, you think well that’s, a novel place to put your trip odometer, so you can always see it. Well, that’s, not just a screen.

You look at it’s, a screen. You touch! You can see i tap this and it goes to your second trip. Odometer tap it again and it goes to a blank screen. If you don & # 39, t want to see anything there, but that screen does a lot more than just let you cycle between your trip odometers.

It also lets you change your gauge cluster screen, which is, of course the one directly behind the steering wheel. Now, right now it’s, showing your gauges, which is the default setting your speedometer, your tachometer, your radio, whatever it’s, all there pretty standard, but you can change it to show the map which is really cool.

Then you get a full screen map right in front of your face. Just look down from wherever you’re traveling, and the map and your navigation directions are right in front of you, which obviously frees up the center screen to be used for other stuff.

If you’re trying to navigate somewhere, which is nice to have, but there’s more cool stuff than just that, you can also use this little left touch screen to turn the gauge cluster screen into night vision.

You do that when it’s dark and it shows you a night vision display of what’s in front of you now. Cadillac has offered this for years, but this is a huge high quality night vision screen and it can be very useful on dark roads if you’re worried about deer or pedestrians, not wearing reflective clothing.

That is a really cool thing to see, especially that large, but it gets even better because you have one more option with the gauge cluster and that is you can turn it into an augmented reality screen press that and you can see right now.

It just looks like a camera facing forward. Why would you really want that you can look out the windshield and see the same thing, but when you have the navigation system going, it will give you directions on screen, showing, for instance, where you’re supposed to turn.

As you approach the street, you’re. Turning on it puts arrows on that street, so you’re, not confused as to where you’re going. It specifically highlights on this screen with these augmented reality arrows your turns and your exits.

So you know exactly where you’re going. You’re, not just looking at a map which can be confusing. You’re, actually looking at the road and it’s, telling you where to turn and where to go. That is an amazing feature and the coolest part when you reach your destination.

It even has a little pin in where you’re, going just like google maps, except now it’s on your gauge cluster screen, using a camera facing forward. This feels like the future, and there’s more too, that little left screen also controls your heads up display, which is, of course projected onto the windshield in front of you that’s.

The logical place for heads-up display controls way better than having to go into some little menu and try to figure out how to do it. It’s just right there. This left touchscreen is the future. I suspect virtually all cars will start offering it eventually, but you’re, seeing it here.

First extra controls for the driver integrated into a touch screen to the left of the gauge cluster, pretty cool and next up. As for the gauge cluster screen itself, i’ve, already shown you its coolest party tricks, but there’s more than just that.

For one thing, i love this little diagram. That shows you which seat belts are buckled at all times. So you know which of your kids are buckled in that way, you don’t have to turn around and look into the third row to see.

If a belt is buckled, it says it right there on this diagram. Always i also like how the speedometer works in the gauge cluster screen. If you have it on gauges mode, it will show the speedometer in the center, and it will highlight each 10 mile, an hour increase just to make it clear how fast you’re going and, of course, your speed is also displayed digitally in the Center at all times, regardless of which screen you’re on to make sure you always know your speed at any time, but the tricks of this interior aren’t just confined to the screens.

There’s more to cover, starting with the sound system. This new escalade has a 36 speaker sound system. There are 36 speakers in this interior, some hidden, some highlighted, so you know where they are now.

Obviously putting 36 speakers in a car means. You’re, going to be putting them in some unorthodox places and there certainly are some weird ones. For instance, the headrest on the driver’s seat. You can see.

There are two speakers on the headrest on either side for your ears. Same deal on the front passenger seat, speaker in the headrests, that is pretty cool to me, though, the craziest speaker location, is back to the dashboard, the entire front, half of the dashboard near the windshield is a speaker, and you can see there are a lot of Holes and then a few holes and then a lot of holes, and that is one big speaker cover, although cadillac tells me there’s.

Actually several different speakers integrated in there. It looks like one giant speaker cover again an unusual place to see speakers in a car, but the craziness with the sound system. The new escalade doesn’t stop there.

You want to talk to your third row passengers, but you don’t want to turn around and scream just press. This little button on the steering wheel looks like an ear that turns on conversation, enhancement and with that on.

When you speak from the front seats, there are little microphones inside this little speaker looking thing on the ceiling, it will take your voice and then project it through the speakers to the third row passengers.

So that way, they hear you very clearly without you having to turn around and yell. You want to have a more private conversation with your front seat, passenger just press that little button on the steering wheel.

Again, it turns off conversation enhancement and then you can talk quietly up here without them. Hearing you in the back and just in case you were wondering if this feature actually works here’s. A little demonstration i’m, going to put my camera where the third row seat would be, and then i will press the button to enhance my conversation.

Take a listen! Okay! It’s currently off, and you can hear me speaking hello. Everyone in the backseat doug here driving the escalade okay. Now i’m turning it on and now you can hear me hello. Everyone doug is the type of guy to enhance his conversations.

Okay, now it’s going back off and now you can hear me not enhanced again and now we are enhanced once again it’s. A nice feature actually now quiet down back there. Ah, yes, i have enhanced my conversation by the way, one interesting quirk related to that.

The conversation enhancement button is on the steering wheel to the left of that. You have a button with a person speaking that’s to turn on the voice control system. A lot of cars have that to the right of those you have a button with like some lines on it.

You’re wondering. What exactly is that that is a blank switch doesn’t have a purpose. It’s only there for symmetry, since you have three silver buttons on the other side of the airbag too, and i have to say as someone who hates blank switches, that is actually a pretty good one.

I’ve, never seen a blank switch that showed attention to detail and quality before and finally, the last crazy thing about the audio system. Probably the craziest thing is that the front seat passenger can control their own volume.

You go into the infotainment system into the audio settings and you can see there’s, a setting for the front passenger to raise or lower their volume relative to the volume in the rest of the car. So if you’re sitting here, you don’t want to hear the music as loudly.

You can turn it down in just the front passenger seat or vice versa. I guess that’s, the benefit of having 36 speakers, because, probably like nine of them, are just in this area, and so you can turn them off and you want, and it will actually have an effect on the loudness of the sound.

That is amazing, and next up i mentioned there were five screens in the front seats of this car. I’ve covered the three main ones on that 38 inch giant curved screen. I want to talk about the two others.

One displays your climate controls. You can see you move these little silver buttons to adjust your climate controls and it displays on the screen directly above it. This is really nice. Looking way better than like traditional plastic controls or dials that you move, it has a very classy feel to even adjusting the climate control in the new escalade.

And finally, the last screen up front is the rear view mirror right now. It just looks like a rear view mirror, but if you pull this little tab on the bottom, it becomes a screen there’s, a camera mounted in the back of the escalade that projects its image onto this screen, and the benefit is obvious.

When you look in the regular mirror, you see a lot of seats behind you. You don & # 39. T really see that well out the back, but when you have the camera on the screen, doesn’t show any of that stuff.

So you have a better view of what’s behind you, even if there are a lot of people or things covering up your rear window. You can see clearly thanks to the camera mirror and there are other benefits to having a screen for a rear view mirror as well.

For one thing you can adjust the positioning of it up or down just like a traditional mirror, but in this you can also zoom in or out in case. You want a tighter view of what’s behind you, which is pretty cool.

The only drawback i found is that some led lights of other vehicles can pulse when they’re in this mirror. If cars behind you with leds, it can be a little bit distracting with the light pulsing all the time.

Of course, if you look at it, you don’t actually see that effect. It just shows up on some cameras and next up a few other items worth noting in the front. One is the center console which isn’t just a center console it’s, also a refrigerator press this button and it turns on the refrigerator and cadillac tells me this is not just a cooler.

It is actually a refrigerator and will keep things truly refrigerated drinks or whatever you want. While you’re driving along that’s, pretty cool another cool feature is the wireless cell phone charger in here in a lot of cars, there’s, a charging pad.

You stick your phone on it and it charges that’s become pretty standard, but you can see there’s. Nowhere in this center console that has a wireless charging pad. So did they skip it? No. Instead, you stick your phone into this little slot upright and it charges there there’s.

A lot of benefits to this. For one thing, your phone is right next to you easily within reach, so when you park and leave you can just grab it. No problem, but also, if you go over a bump or get into an accident, your phone won’t, go flying because it’s, snugly protected in this little pouch, as opposed to just sitting on a tray where it could easily get Lost or get damaged in a lot of road conditions and one other cool feature up here.

If you look to the ceiling, you will see little switches with seats on them. Those switches will raise or lower the third row of seats from the front seats. A lot of cars have power, folding or raising third row seats, but you have to go back to the cargo area to actually fold or raise them here.

You don’t have to get out of the front. You want to drop the third row. Just push a button and they drop electronically and automatically you barely have to lift a finger perfect for your lazy luxury families on the go.

Finally, before i move to the back, i want to talk about the interior quality in here. Cadillac is emphasizing. This is the most beautiful escalade, yet the nicest one they’ve made blah blah blah. That is generally true.

This is an escalade platinum, the top trim level it looks gorgeous. I think the interior is purple, but all the materials are nice. Nice stitching. Nice leather, a lot of good stuff in here, but there’s, still some drawbacks.

For instance, the turn signal stock is this cheap plastic and it feels kind of flimsy same deal with the windshield wiper stock and same deal with the controls on the steering wheel, just this kind of cheap, looking cheap feeling plastic where you especially notice.

It, though, is in the center console with the shift lever and the controls for the infotainment screen. It’s all just this kind of cheap plastic. Now i recently reviewed a cadillac ct5 that cost half what this did and it had all of these same buttons and switches.

Now, reusing buttons and switches between different models is totally fine, a lot of brands do it all of them probably. But if you’re going to do it, you have to make sure that the quality of those switches is as good as the highest car, not the lowest car.

Because if you take something out of the lowest car and put it in the highest car, well, you see the results it just doesn’t fit in in this otherwise excellent interior. To me, it’s, the lone drawback.

Unfortunately, it’s, a lot of stuff that you see and touch frequently the gear lever. The turn signal stock, the steering wheel controls, not the best part of this interior for sure, and next up, we move on to the back seat in the new escalade, which has cadillac has pointed out to me, the largest factory rear screens in the entire car industry.

These massive things mounted behind the front seats that can be used for a wide variety of items. For instance, they have both usb and hdmi ports, meaning you could plug in an xbox to these things and play video games.

While you’re driving along cadillac, wanted rear passengers to be able to do that. If you wanted your kids to play video games to keep them entertained on a long road trip, another cool function of these screens is that they can pass stuff from one screen to another.

So if you have two children, an older one and a younger one, you can have the older child pull up, say a movie for the younger child and then swipe. It goes over to the younger child screen and then he or she can watch without having to pull it up themselves.

That is a pretty cool idea and another item i like is that rear passengers can pull up a navigation destination. If you’re sitting back here, you go into the navigation part of your rear touch screen you type in a destination wherever it is that you want to go, and then you have the option to press send to send it to the driver once It gets to the driver, they can choose to accept or deny your request in case they simply don’t want to go where you in the back seat want to go, but if they accept it, it then goes onto the navigation screen in the Front and then the driver can follow that and go to your route, that’s, especially beneficial.

If you, the driver, don’t want to enter a navigation route, you have your kids in the back. You can tell them to enter one for you and then they just send it up to the front, which is a pretty neat idea, also neat with navigation destinations back here you can use your rear screen to let you know how far you are from reaching your Destination, so it’s like you’re sitting on an airplane.

You want to know how, far until you get there well, you can pull it up in your rear screen. It will tell you, based on the navigation route, how far away you are, how many miles, how many minutes that’s, pretty cool and next up a few other quirks back here.

For one thing, this comes standard with bluetooth, headphones and in fact, cadillac branded, bluetooth, headphones and the little ear part is a dial you can use to adjust the volume, which is a lovely little touch.

Meanwhile, in the center you have yet another screen. This one is for the climate control. You can use the little silver controls to adjust your rear temperature back here. The fan speed the placement of the air or to turn on your heated seats and right below that you have this little panel with the cadillac v logo on it.

You push that and out come to cupholders that you can use, of course, for drinks in the back, which is useful. Finally, you can see that this escalade is equipped with rear seat captains chairs two individual seats for the second row.

Now i already covered how these seats operate in my review of the new chevy tahoe, which i will link in the description below. But the highlight is that you, don’t have to do anything really to get them out of the way.

Just pull up once on this tab, the seat folds down, pull up a second time and the seat folds forward, and you can easily access the third row. You don’t have to actually push on the seat or grab it or lift it.

Or do anything just pull on the tab once pull on the tab twice and the seat is out of the way that’s, pretty cool and speaking of the third row, once you’re back there. Nothing really interesting to talk about, except you have the same: beautiful leather as in the first two rows, and also you have usb c ports on both sides of the third row.

So even third row, passengers can quickly charge their devices that’s. A nice touch – and the last thing worth mentioning back here – is just how easy it is to get the second row seat back into place after you’ve folded.

It forward to allow access to the third row. You just pull this loop and the seat folds right back down, and then you kind of set the backrest into place and the seat is right back where it was. It takes maybe three seconds to fold the seats down and to unfold them in the second row, a lot better than the latches and even seat removal of cars just a decade ago, and next up, we move outside the new escalade to the back.

I’m, going to show you something i already talked about in my review of the new chevy tahoe, and that is that the rear glass can open separately from the tailgate. You just press the rear glass button on the key fob.

It pops open and then you can open the glass independently. The benefit here is, if you have something small you just want to toss in you, don’t want to open up the entire tailgate, which is kind of a process.

You can easily do this. All suvs used to offer this, but very few still do and i like to see it now something i didn’t mention in my chevy tahoe review, but something i’ve been curious about is. Can you open up the tailgate with the rear glass already open? Let’s find out.

The answer is yes, apparently you can, but the glass stops itself at a certain position and then the tailgate just opens right up and you can see the cargo area now. Cadillac is proud of the fact that this new escalade has almost 70 percent more cargo room behind the third row than the prior model, and that’s.

A good thing, because the previous escalade didn’t really have that much space back here for being such a large vehicle. This one is a much better use of space, but anyway we put down the tailgate, let’s, see what happens to the rear glass.

I guess it. Just stays in place comes down a little bit. The other interesting thing worth noting back here is the badging. You see escalade over on the left, no surprise on the right. It says, 600.. What exactly is an escalade 600.

. It turns out that’s, the torque figure, but not 600 pound-feet, like we use here in the states, 600 newton meters of torque it’s. The metric, torque figure and apparently cadillac is going to start using this figure on a lot of their vehicles.

I suspect the reason for this is that, as electric cars start to proliferate, it won’t, make sense to put engine size because soon there will be two liter engines that get the same power as a six-liter engine used to get so you can’t really brag about that anymore.

The one constant will be lots of torque, which is especially beneficial because cadillac is going to be offering a turbo diesel six cylinder with the new escalade. So the gas engine has 420 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque 460 pound feet.

The turbo diesel six cylinder is the same torque figure, but only 277 horsepower. So cadillac wants to use the torque figure because it will make that turbo diesel engine seem stronger and it will have the same effect on future.

Electric and plug-in hybrid models seems to make sense, and next up, since we’re talking powertrain take a look at this one. Like i said, 6.2 liter, v8 420 horsepower. This engine is actually a carryover from the prior escalade model, even though this one has been fully redesigned, it keeps the powertrain, it was a pretty good muscular brawny engine and finally, since we’re up front, let’s.

Talk styling. Now, in general, i like the look of the new escalade, although i have to say it’s, a little bit more generic than prior escalade models have been. I feel, like previous ones, have been a little bit more bolder, more aggressive than this new one, which has a little bit of a general motors suv.

Look to it as far as the front end goes probably the most distinctive part of the new escalade. I, like it a lot better than the new tahoe, but i still think it looks a little awkward and frankly, it seems like it needs one horizontal crossbar, just like tying the whole thing together, but overall, i think it looks good, very distinctive as an escalade, but Maybe not quite as bold as it could have been.

I also have to say i’m, not a big fan of these wheels. This is the top of the line, escalade platinum model over a hundred thousand dollars, and these wheels just don’t. Look it to me. They look like a mid-level trim wheel, not really what i’d, expect from the highest version of the highest cadillac, and so those are the quirks and features of the 2021 cadillac escalade.

Now it’s time to get it out on the road and see how it drives all right, driving the new escalade. I’m gonna floor. It here performance is all right. I’ve, actually been driving this around. For a few days, it’s; fine uh it’s, not exactly ultra high performance or anything of the sort.

Uh it’s, quick enough. Obviously it & # 39. S got enough torque to get going uh to tow, but if there is an escalade v and i wouldn’t be surprised if such a thing exists there’s, a gls 63 amg. This segment actually is pretty sq7.

The segment is produced some performance suvs. If it happens it’s. Gon na have to be a lot more powerful than this things. People will like number one good commanding driving position, uh, just like previous escalades.

You very much feel like you are in control of the world love the screen mirror i love the screens. I really think it is a fantastic look works. Well, very intuitive right at your fingertips screens are becoming the new thing in cars get ready.

This is one of the one of the most largest applications. Yet, in terms of ride quality, i should mention this car has general motors magnetic ride control now in its fourth generation, apparently um, i love magnetic ride control and i think one of the coolest things about it is on performance cars.

It lets them be kind of sports cars in the corners but comfortable on straight lines. You know when you’re just commuting in the escalade. I feel like it’s, just not quite as comfortable as some of its rivals.

It could be more about the construction, the way it’s built body on frame rather than the magnetic ride, control itself, but it does. It rides very well. Don’t get me wrong, but a range rover just feels nice.

I think part of that is also a range rover. Does a better job insulating you from road noise, escalade’s a little bit noisier than you might expect. Ultimately, this vehicle does have its roots in the chevy tahoe.

To me, my biggest surprise about this was actually the steering and handling and not in a great way. Cadillac is general motors has made a lot about how the new tahoe escalade, whatever they all drive a lot better.

I drove the tahoe and i did agree with that, but i think getting into this i expected an even bigger leap and it just isn’t there um it feels it’s, sluggish it’s, heavy it’s big: it’s, difficult to neutralize that i understand, but the gls and the x7 drive a lot more car-like than the navigator and the escalade.

But to me the biggest change to this escalade is technology. This thing has amazon alexa as part of it. It also has supercruise, which is cadillac self-driving tech, the best self-driving tech on the market, even better than tesla.

This particular escalade doesn’t. Have it super cruise is like a few months delayed, but it’ll, come according to cadillac, i’ve, driven it in the ct6. It’s. A great system truly amazing. I’m excited to finally have it in a vehicle that’s desirable.

I’ve, been in the lincoln navigator. I’ve spent a lot of time in it. I still think the navigator has a better interior in terms of quality. However, it does not have the tech and in fact i think the escalade probably has the best tech of any full-size electricity, including the gls, including the x7.

Overall then, i would say this is a great full-size luxury suv. It’s, really really good. There are some drawbacks. I don’t love how it looks the interior materials could be better, but you have good interior room.

You have a good commanding driving position. You have this amazing screen setup and amazing technology, and i’m impressed and i think this will be a great car and i think especially it’s. A great escalade people who’ve had these before who have maybe switched brands because the outgoing escalade got kind of old.

Well, you can come back. The escalade is back it’s great again. It’s. Just that competition is stiffer now and so it’s, no longer the default choice, but it’s. It’s, an excellent vehicle once again, and so that’s, the 2021 cadillac escalade.

This is an impressive full-size luxury suv and i mean full size, because this is huge. It’s, a competitive segment with a lot of great rivals: the new mercedes gls, the new bmw, x7, the new lincoln navigator, the range rover, the infiniti qx80.

But i think the escalade will be a huge hit even among this competition, especially for people who want their suvs, big and luxurious, which this clearly is anyway. Now it’s time to give the new escalade a doug score, starting with the weekend categories and styling.

The new escalade is fine, but i think the front end is a little odd and frankly, i think the escalade in general is more generic and less bold than pretty much every past escalade. It gets only a five out of ten acceleration.

Zero to sixty is in the low six second range, and it gets a three out of ten handling is normal for a big suv like this, and it gets a four out of ten fun factor is okay: it’s, sort of fun to drive Around the escalade, this big burly v8 with this high seating position, but it’s, hardly ultra thrilling and it gets a three out of ten.

Finally cool factor and a new escalade is cool when these come out. It’s. The coolest big suv on the market for quite a while until we get used to it and it gets a six out of ten, which is a great score for a three row, suv for a total weekend score of 21 out of 50.

next up are the Daily categories and features the escalade is incredibly loaded and has some impressive innovations. It deserves a 10, but with the big v8 up front with no electric powertrain availability, it gets only a 9 out of 10.

comfort is excellent and it gets an 8 out of 10.. Quality is fine great in some areas, subpar and others, and it gets a 7 out of 10.. Practicality is excellent and it gets a 9 out of 10. finally value, and this is a huge suv with a lot of luxury and a lot of technology.

But you certainly pay for it. It’s, big money, and it gets a 6 out of 10 for a total daily score of 39 out of 50. added up and the doug score is 60 out of 100, which places the escalade here against relevant rivals.

It ties the new lincoln navigator, but the two actually get pretty different scores. The escalade is cooler with its better established brand name, but the navigator is better looking. The escalade has better tech, but the navigator’s.

Interior is nicer. Ultimately, choosing between these two will come down to preference as they’re, both excellent big luxury, suvs.


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