Jaguar XE SV Project 8 Super Sedan


This is a Jaguar XE SV project 8, and it is quite simply absolutely insane. This is a regular street car that Jaguar offers for just under two hundred thousand dollars. It’s based on the XE sedan, which starts around forty thousand dollars, or you can step up just a little to the two hundred thousand dollar version.

But this car justifies its price tag because it is the most powerful Jaguar ever made. That’s right, not the xj220 supercar, not the ex junior 15 supercar, not some sporty version of the f-type or the XK.

This little midsize sedan is the most powerful Jaguar in history and it’s, also the fastest sedan ever to go around the Nurburgring. Ever I’ve wanted to review this car for a long time, and today I’m.

Finally, gonna do it: I’ve borrowed this project, eight from Jaguar San Diego, which is the Jaguar dealership here in San Diego Jaguar San Diego, has all of the latest Jaguar models, of course, but the real prize is this project 8, because Jaguar Made just 300 of these for the entire world and Jaguar San Diego managed to track one down and it isn’t easy.

I’ve, been searching for a Jaguar XE SV project 8 to review now for quite a while, because everything about this car is ridiculous. For example, this is rarer than a Ferrari f50. Yes, that’s right. There are more f50s out there than project eight and by the way, the project eight has more horsepower than an f50 and it’s faster, zero to 60 than an f50, and it’s faster around a racetrack that an f50.

Let me just give you the numbers: the current bmw, m3 maxes out around 450 horsepower. This has six hundred, let that sink in for a minute. This is a car, the size of a 3-series, an Audi a4 with 600 horsepower, and, yes, it is the fastest sedan.

Ever around the Nurburgring, while Porsche and Tesla are engaged in this fight to see who has the fastest electric car around the Nurburgring. This thing is faster than both of them by 20 seconds. In fact, this is faster around the Nurburgring than a Huracan by 5 seconds.

Of course, all this comes at a price and for this car that price is $ 200,000 or close. The sticker price on this one is around 190, but that’s. Almost five times the price of a base level Jaguar XE. So today I’m gonna.

Take you on a tour of this car and I’m, going to show you what $ 200,000 of Jaguar buys you. First, I’m, going to show you around the project 8 and I’m, going to show you all of its interesting tricks and features.

Then I’m gonna get it out on the road and drive it, and then I’m going to give it a dug score. Alright, I’m gonna start. The quirks and features of the project 8, with probably its most obvious quirk, and that would be the exterior stuff if you get one of these expect people to ask you about your modifications.

I’m filming this video here in a parking lot. Two people have walked by and both of them have asked me if I painted it myself and if I modified it myself, but indeed I didn’t and in fact this isn’t paint.

This is a vinyl decal and it is meant to look like the Jaguar leaping cat going down the entire side of the car. Now, if you get a project eight, I think you can get this deleted, but this car has it leaving absolutely no question as to which brand makes this vehicle and the exterior changes in this car.

Aren’t limited to that leaping cat on the side by the way it’s on both sides. You have one giant leap in cat on the passenger side and another giant, leaping cat on the driver’s side. But if you think that’s, a lot, how about the hood, where you have a giant, SV or SVO for Jaguar special vehicle operations that takes up basically the entirety of the hood of this vehicle and those cats take up the entire sides, although It doesn’t really take up the whole hood.

Instead, it shares that with a stripe. This is a large stripe down the whole hood that says project eight on it, and this stripe continues down the entire car. These graphics are also vinyl decals, so they can be removed.

But this is how this car comes from Jaguar just covered in all sorts of graphics and decals to let everybody know precisely what it is, but while those stripes and graphics are by far the most noticeable revisions on the outside of the project, eight compared to the Regular X II, this car also has a lot of other changes, functional and just more substantial than those graphics starting back here.

There are massive rear tires on this: vehicle 305 width tires, which is insane and a car this size, and that means you have massively flared offenders in order to account for those tires and cover them up.

So they don’t, go shooting rocks everywhere, and that means you have a lot of other changes that are required in order to accommodate these giant flared wheel, arches, for example, these carbon-fiber rocker panels that go down the side of the car.

Now a lot of cars have vertical rocker panels. This thing they’re, basically horizontal in order to give the car enough width to match up with its flared fenders. In fact, they’re, so big that Jaguar has to print no step on them, so people don’t accidentally treat them as running boards.

These are absolutely ridiculous. Looking rocker panels, it goes beyond that. If you go into the back, you can see the flared fenders meet up with a completely revised rear, end design. You have a much more aggressive rear bumper and you have a much more aggressive rear diffuser.

That really looks like something off a race car, and you also have this rear carbon fiber lip spoiler back here that looks like something out of a touring car racer. Once again, no step is printed on there to make sure nobody accidentally steps on there like to try to get into the trunk or unload something from a ski rack.

I will say, though, with all the changes that Jaguar made back here to make this car more exciting and more aggressive and to accommodate these wider wheel. Arches there is one drawback. These tires are so wide that they end up kicking up all sorts of debris.

On to this little carbon-fiber lip spoiler and the bumper, and so anytime you go anywhere there’s, always gonna be rocks and dust accumulated on there. The rear tires in this thing are so wide: they need mud, flaps, but undoubtedly the most noticeable change back here over the regular x/e is the giant rear wing.

This thing is absolutely huge with certainty. The largest rear wing Jaguar has ever put on any of its vehicles. You can see it’s made out of carbon fiber and it says project eight on the side once again to remind everyone of exactly what this vehicle is.

I promise you. This is something that everyone will think you added to this car to make your Jaguar look more like a Mitsubishi Evo, but it comes like this from the factory it’s, crazy, of course, when I mentioned that the rear wing is the most noticeable Change to the project eight over the regular XE.

I’m saying that, under the assumption that people haven’t yet heard your exhaust, because this exhaust note was very much designed to turn heads. Take a listen, [, Music ]. That exhaust note is very much something you would not expect to find a little luxury sedan, the size of an Audi a4.

But then again, neither is this front end of all the exterior changes to this car. I think the front end is the most insane because it really makes this thing. Look like a race car. There, isn’t just one carbon-fiber lip spoiler.

You have a second larger lip spoiler, underneath that and of course it’ll, scrape on just about everything. Unless you’re at the racetrack, but even more ridiculous than that is all the holes you have the normal grille.

Then you have a huge grille under the normal grille and then you have these two giant side grilles full of holes. Also the engine can take in as much air as possible in order to cool down it’s, a very impressive front-end design.

Absolutely not something I would expect to see on a street car and finally, we move on to the window sticker. So you can see that, yes, this sticker price is just under one-hundred and ninety thousand dollars for a Jaguar XE.

It’s almost unfathomable, but then again this is far from a regular XE. A couple of interesting elements on the window sticker one is that it reminds us that the rear wing is adjustable, not just a crazy huge rear wing back there, but you can actually use tools to adjust it to your exact desired angle, for your perfect track.

Downforce. Another thing I absolutely love included in the window sticker you can see is the GoPro pack, you buy an XP project, eight and it comes with a GoPro and a GoPro mount so that you can document your misdeeds as you drive around.

Of course it’s intended to be used at the racetrack, but you can let it roll whenever you want and next up we move under the hood and you can see this cars massive engine. This is a five liter supercharged v8 that is crammed inside this relatively small car I mentioned earlier.

It has 600 horsepower it’s, actually 592 horsepower and 500 sixteen pound-feet of torque just mind-boggling numbers. Those would be huge numbers if they were in the Jaguar, XJ full-size sedan. They would be really huge numbers if they were in the Jaguar, XF midsize sedan, but here they are in the little Jaguar XE it’s just totally insane.

This is essentially the Jaguar Hellcat and, in fact, just to give you a little more context on how much power this car has relative to its size. The base engine in Europe and the XE is a 2-liter diesel with 160 horsepower, and then this thing has 600 horses, so it’s five times the price of a base XE, but it also has four times the power.

So you kind of get where they’re coming from one other interesting item under the hood here is there’s? No plastic cover there’s. No leaping cat. There’s; no excess of Jaguar emblems. In fact, I don’t, see a single Jaguar emblem anywhere under here.

You just have engine frankly that other stuff, I don’t think they could fit it under the hood and next up we move inside the project. Eight, where there aren’t as many changes that distinguish it from the regular XE is on the outside, but there are a few, the most notable of which is the seats you can see.

This car has these very grippy tight sport bucket seats that you would traditionally expect to find in a two-seat sports car like a Porsche gt3 or something like that. But here they are in a Jaguar sedan.

They even have little holes in the backrest, so you can put a harness through them more on that in a minute. Now these seats are tremendously supportive and they’re meant to hug you when you go around corners, so you don’t slide around.

They also say project eight in the headrests. Just so you have another reminder of what your special vehicle is and, of course, that isn’t. Your only reminder, you also have project eight printed on the door sill.

So when you open the door, you’re, greeted by your project. Eight badge and at the base of the steering wheel once again, there is another project, eight badge to let you know what you have, but my very favorite special car reminder is at the center of the dashboard on the top.

You can see there’s, a badge says Jaguar sv, oh and then it says one of 300, reminding you that you have one of just three hundred of these globally, which is an insanely small production run. Now, aside from all that stuff, the other changes to the interior are fairly minimal.

One is that you have an Alcantara steering wheel. I think this is just a regular XE steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara. You also have some carbon-fiber accents on the dashboard there’s, some extra carbon fiber on the door panels.

You have a little and in the area around the gear lever, just a little extra carbon fiber to enhance your sportiness. Now one thing this car doesn’t have is the track package. If you know about the project date, you may know that it is also offered with a track package that deletes the rear seats and instead there is a bar back there.

You can use to mount four-point harnesses for the front seats if you do that it saves thirty pounds for better racetrack driving. The track package is not offered on the USA spec XE project eights, so none of the US models have it.

It will only be available in foreign markets, although it is worth noting that it was a track package car that set the Nurburgring lap record for a sedan, but is it even really still a sedan if you delete the rear seats in favor of a harness bar? I’m, not entirely sure.

Nonetheless, I guess it technically counts and next up a couple of other interesting interior items beyond all of the project. Eight changes, one of them is the button pulsing check this out, you get in the car and you can see the engine start/stop button is pulsing Jaguar claims.

This pulses to the exact rate of the heartbeat of a resting jaguar that animal and that’s. Why it’s? Doing the pulsing me. I think it’s kind of a gimmick, but I guess that’s, a fun little fact, and next up speaking of buttons move down in the center from that start/stop button.

And you have a series of little images next to the gear lever. Those are the drive modes over on the right. You have eco and then comfort and then moving over there’s dynamic and then the one with the helmet that would be track.

Now, if you put it into track mode using these little arrows over on the side of where all the drive mode images are displayed, you can then access the track mode settings in the infotainment system. You press this little helmet and then you can see all the track mode settings.

You have a few different options in here. One of them is, you can configure the drive mode of various different portions of the car like, for example, the steering the accelerator the engine, that sort of thing you can also use the track portion of the infotainment system to turn on the timer.

That would be like the stopwatch if you’re going around a racetrack, and you want to time your laps, you can do that yourself inside this little track portion of the infotainment system. Now, speaking of the infotainment system, it’s worth noting it is a very small screen by the standard of other modern vehicles, including other modern vehicles, from Jaguar and Land Rover.

But it is a very good system. It’s, very responsive to your touch and relatively intuitive it doesn’t, have an enormous amount of controls or features that will really wow you, but it does what it’s asked, and it has basically everything that you’ll need, and the same is true of the gauge cluster screen.

You can use these little steering wheel buttons over on the left to cycle through various different items in the gauge cluster, and you can see all sorts of car info and various configurable features like the heads-up display and lighting and that sort of thing.

But if you don’t want to see any of those settings that you can configure. You can go back to the default screen, which is just a picture of your car, so you can drive along in your project eight and also look at your project eight, while you do attend one other interesting gauge cluster item worth noting is that one of the Settings in there allows you to change your headlight pattern for left-hand Drive or right-hand drive.

This is a big deal if you live in the UK, because British people often drive their cars to mainland Europe for vacations and then their headlights are screwed up there. Basically blinding drivers, since they’re on the wrong side of the road.

Well in this car you just go into the settings and then the headlights reconfigure themselves so that isn’t a problem, pretty cool, and next we move on to the back seat of the project. Eight, where you will instantly notice some project.

Age-Related changes back here, starting with the fact that they’ve eliminated the middle seat. You don’t need it. If you have a project eight. Instead, you have these two very heavily bolstered rear bucket seats on either side.

These are some of the most heavily bolstered rear seats. I’ve ever seen. I guess in case you want to take your whole family to the track, so they won’t slide around under hard cornering if they’re sitting back here now, instead of the middle seat, you have a project, eight logo, in the Middle, where the rear seat would have been just as a reminder that you gave up your middle seat for a worthy cause.

One other interesting item worth noting not project eight related, but the switches on the climate control vents that allow you to move them around. They say Jaguar on them, which is a nice little piece of attention to detail now it has that up front, of course, but it also has that on the climate vents in the backseat, so Jaguar didn’t just sheep out for the rear seat Of this car, you still have that little Jaguar on the climate vents which, even though it’ll, barely ever get used.

And finally one other important item worth noting back here. Is you don’t really get all that much room in the back of the project? Eight, the XE already is a fairly small car and back, but I think these bucket seats take up even more space.

I had to put this one really far forward just so I could get back here. This is not a very roomy rear seat, but it is a rear seat. Nonetheless, unless of course, you delete it for the harness bar and finally, we move on to the trunk of the project.

Eight, you pop open the trunk, and you will quickly discover that it has nothing at all interesting in it. It is just a trunk, no cool project, eight related details back here, although it is worth noting that it’s, a fairly large cargo area for a car that beats the Carrera GT around the Nurburgring.

And finally, we move on to one other interesting detail of the project date, specifically all of the features that it doesn’t have. You would think that for one hundred and ninety thousand dollars Jaguar would have made this car really fast, but also they would have installed basically every luxury feature they make, but instead that’s, not the case.

This car does not have an opening sunroof. It’s fixed panel, it doesn’t, have a 360-degree camera when you’re backing up there’s, no heated seats in this car or cooled seats. Thanks to those sport buckets you also, don’t have adaptive cruise control just regular cruise, and then my personal favorite put on the turn signal, and you have a halogen rear turn signal it’s, not even an LED and get this.

You also have a halogen front turn signal. This has to be the most expensive car being made today without LED turn signals. I guess Jaguars response to all. This, though, would be that they took all of the money that this car costs and they just put it towards the driving experience.

So let’s find out if that’s. True, those are the quirks and features of the XE project. Eight now it’s time to get it out on the road and see how it drives. I can’t, wait all right driving the XE project.

Eight, I’ve, been very excited to drive this car because, if you look at it on paper, it really is a Jaguar Hellcat more than basically anything else is a something Hellcat aside from the actual Hellcat Hellcat.

The Hellcat is, of course, insane with 700 horsepower, but this thing, given its size, is just as insane with 600. Now when it comes to Jaguar, and I don’t pay that much attention to Jaguar as a brand.

It’s, a it’s a brand. You know it. Doesn’t have that many compelling products kind of in a slow period right now that’s lasted a while, but I started hearing rumblings about this thing. Like you know, fastest Nurburgring time there’s, a 600 horsepower car.

The size of a 3-series are only making 300, but I’m thinking is a stuff true and then they started really kind of focus on it, and I’m like okay. This is something I need to. I need to tense now when you drive this car.

What do you like to sit at a stoplight? You’re just cruising around its rumbly. I’m driving it in race mode, because I feel like that’s. What people will drive it in who buy it? You spend 190 grand for an X e.

You want to get your money’s worth and in race mode. You can tell it’s rumbly. The v8 is like [, Music, ]. Okay! Well, that’s. Oh my god, you know I I knew this would be fast. Oh my god, first time it sounds amazing.

It sounds like a 600-horsepower big v8 car shut somebody car’s, going turbo charging smaller engines and they still have the power. But this one has the power and it has the sound [ Music ], my god. It’s unbelievably fast.

Just insanely, quick, the accelerator is tremendously responsive, really really wildly a fast car just to an unbelievable level. You see the EXCI and you underestimate it. Well, you don’t you don’t underestimate this one.

I have to say one other thing that I’m. Very impressed with this car is the steering and handling the steering is tremendously precise. You turn the wheel just a little bit, and this thing starts to just rock it in that direction.

Very little body roll, very instant steering response, but more impressive is the handling when you go around a corner and you push it hard through the corner. You really actually feel like the car is very balanced and very capable very little roll and it can keep going.

You could see how this Nurburgring time develops itself if they had just stuck this power train in the larger XJ luxury sedan. You have a very fast car, but you wouldn’t, have the poise and the overall package and kind of the handling capability of this car, and when you think about it, that way, you start to understand why they chose the entry-level Jaguar sedan rather Than the larger XJ, because it makes for a more complete package factoring and handling and kind of sporty performance around corners, and so that’s.

The Jaguar XE sv project 8 van war, isn’t exactly the brand known for making the most exciting cars, but I’ve, been excited about this car ever since I first heard about it and I’m thrilled that I got the chance to spend the day with this one.

It truly is one of the most ridiculous insane amazing cars on sale today, and now it’s time to give the project 8 a dug score, starting with the weekend categories in styling. I think the X II is a nice looking car, but all the graphics are a bit of an acquired taste and it gets a six out of ten.

Acceleration does 0-60 in three point three seconds and it gets a nine out of ten handling is really sharp. Among the best of any four-door vehicle – and it gets a seven out of ten fun factor – is excellent, with an amazing, sound and wonderful everything else.

It’s, a total hoot and it gets an 8 out of 10. Finally, cool factor and the project. Eight is cool, but the sad truth is that most people, just don’t know what this car is. Nothing get Tecton that wing yourself.

It gets a six out of ten for a total weekend score of 36 out of 50. Next up are the daily categories and features the xee has some cool stuff, but it’s surprisingly lacking in tech and equipment, and it gets a 6 out of 10 comfort is worse than average, with the tight sport seats and stiff suspension, and it Gets a 6 out of 10 quality is good.

Everything is nice, it’s normal for the class and it gets a 7 out of 10. Practicality is normal for a car like this, and it gets a 5 out of 10 finally value. In the truth is as much as I love this car it’s, not the best value.

It’s, slower in a straight line that a BMW, m5 and vastly more expensive and even a Tesla Model 3 performance would keep up zero to 60. The Jaguar does have amazing handling, but for nearly 200 grand it’s.

A tough sell and it gets a 5 out of 10 for a total daily score of 29 out of 50. Add it up, and the Dougs score is 65 out of 100, which places the project date here against other performance. Sedans it’s dead.

Last but there’s, an important thing to consider here. The project date is near the top and weekend categories, and it was built in extremely limited numbers for ultra enthusiast drivers. All the rest of these cars are mass-produced to be all-rounders, but that’s, not the project 8, its a focused car for focus drivers, and in that it succeeds.


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