2020 McLaren GT Ultra-Luxury McLaren


This is the new 2020 McLaren GT and it is the luxury McLaren all MacLaren ‘ S are luxury cars, of course, to a degree, but mostly they’re supercars and sports cars with rough rides and loud exhausts.

This is supposed to be the luxurious new Grand Touring McLaren. The most luxury oriented car McLaren has ever made today. I’m going to find out. If it really is, I’ve borrowed this McLaren GT from O’Gara La Jolla, which has just become McLaren Sandiego.

The new McLaren dealership here in San Diego now McLaren San Diego, has all of the latest McLaren models, and that includes the new GT which is just arriving this month to fill a big luxurious hole in MacLaren’s lineup.

At first glance. This may not seem like a luxury touring car and I’m, especially skeptical. When I look at the numbers, it has 612 horsepower. It’ll, do 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds and it’ll hit top speed of 203 miles per hour that plus the mid-engine design and the two-seat layout isn’t, usually the stuff of a luxury touring car, but Mclaren insists that it is the interior is a lot more luxurious.

Mclaren says the suspension is tuned for a more supple ride and it certainly looks a lot less daring and insane than the McLaren 720’s, which it ‘ S based on pricing, however, is very much in supercar exotic car territory.

This thing starts around two hundred and ten thousand dollars and that’s before options which are plentiful and pricey. So today I’m gonna take you on a tour of the new McLaren GT and I’m going to show you all of the interesting quirks and features of the latest McLaren.

Then I’m gonna get it out on the road and drive it and then I’m going to give it a dug score and for more of my thoughts on the GT click the link below to visit autotrader.com oversteer. Alright, I’m gonna start, the works and features of the McLaren GT, with simply getting in which isn’t the most obvious thing, because there’s, no immediate apparent door handle out here.

It turns out the door handle is behind the door. It’s. This little panel, that’s painted the same color as the body you push it and then the window drops a little and the door opens so push it. And now the door is open and I can climb in, but before I do that there’s, a little hidden party trick with this door handle.

If you push on it and hold it down, the window will automatically drop all the way down into the door that allows you to roll down the windows before you get into the car to kind of cool it off a little bit before you climb in.

So I will do that now now. Unfortunately, the one drawback to this is that once you’ve rolled down the window, you can’t put it back up from the outside, you can’t push the door handle again or hold down the lock button on The key fob the window is down so once you roll it down, you better, be okay, with the fact that it’s staying down unless you get in turn on the car and roll it back up using the windows switches and next up.

Speaking of cool opening things in this car, I want to move on to the tailgate. Yes, this car has a tailgate and in order to open it, you press a little button on the key fob and then it automatically pops open on the long list of things.

I never thought a McLaren would do that was definitely pretty high up there and, of course, when you’re ready to close the tailgate, no surprise there’s a little button inside the tailgate showing a mclaren with the tailgate open.

You press that button and then the tailgate automatically comes down and closes itself no slamming back here, and probably the coolest thing about this whole process is the button on the key fob to open.

The tailgate is the same button that you press on other MacLaren’s to open the front trunk here. If you want to open the front trunk, you just press the front half of that car diagram. But if you want to open the tailgate, you press the back half of that car diagram and then the tailgate automatically pops open, and you can get back here to store your luggage now.

The reason that you have this power tailgate, of course, is that in the back of this car you have a giant cargo area. Most other McLaren models have the engine on display right back here, but not this one.

Instead, you have a giant cargo area. Now the lift gate opens revealing a cargo area. That begs the question: is this really a McLaren hatchback? I’ll. Let you debate that for now I’m gonna hit you with some numbers.

This has fourteen point: eight cubic feet of cargo space behind the seats. Combine that with the front trunk, and you have twenty point: three cubic feet of cargo space total in your McLaren. That’s more than a Toyota Camry.

I’m serious and it’s about the same as a Honda HRV, with the seats up that’s, a compact crossover and the McLaren rivals it on cargo space. In fact, the cargo area back here is so big that McLaren says it has room for golf clubs.

You can’t get golf clubs in a Ferrari 488. Although truthfully, could you really get golf clubs in here? Is this really big enough, for that seems like kind of a stretch? But since I’m committed to providing you with the most thorough car reviews, I have a set of golf clubs, and now I’m gonna try to load them in to the back of the McLaren GT.

Now they’re in here we push the button and wow. I think it’s safe to say that indeed you can get a set of golf clubs in the back of a McLaren GT. Now, while you may be excited to celebrate the fact that there is finally a McLaren that you can load your golf clubs into, it is important to mention that having this cargo area back here means that you can’t see any of the engine In the 720 s, you can see a little bit of engine when you walk to the back of the car, and this thing it is all completely covered by this leather lined cargo area.

But this cargo area is impressive. We practical, for instance, there are six different hooks. You can use back here to tie down your cargo to keep it from rolling around and getting damaged. While you drive around in your McLaren that’s, the kind of thing you’d, see in a family, sedans trunk.

They have it here in this McLaren hatchback as well, and next up another item worth noting back here. Even though the engine can’t be seen anymore because of this cargo area, it’s still back here. This is still a mid-engine car, it’s, just all beneath the cargo area, and there are two reminders of the engine on either side of the cargo area.

You have little caps over on the right. You have the oil cap unscrew it and that’s where you can add oil and over on the left. You have the coolant cap unscrew it and you can add coolant, but that is as close to the engine as you will get in your McLaren.

Otherwise, you just have a cargo area back here. Leather lined beautiful and luxurious perfectly in keeping with what you’d, expect from the luxury McLaren GT, and next we move around to the back of the GT where one flaw of this car becomes immediately apparent and that’s.

The fact that, right above this cargo area is a huge rear window – and that means whatever you put back here – is really visible to anybody walking by and not just visible, but on display and look everyone.

This is my golf bag, pretty cool huh. Needless to say, even though it’s, a large cargo area, if you want to put anything valuable in your GT, you’re gonna want to use the front trunk or get some sort of cover that you can put on those Cargo tie-downs, so nobody can see it and next up, we move on to the turn signals in the McLaren GT and, as you can see, they’re, very cool.

They just sort of light up as part of this thin brake light strip line and they light up more and more orange as they flash and it looks really cool. Now, in previous videos, I’ve told you that turn signals like this.

Don’t comply with u.s. regulations, and I’m, not exactly sure how this car fits into that this is kind of a demo display car. It may not be a u.s. spec model, and so that might be why it has those turn signals now.

Speaking of turn, signals a couple of other noteworthy turn signal related items with car. One is on the side and it’s. The fact that the red rear reflector lights up as a turn signal when you put the turn signal on so that actually blinks and it’s.

The same deal in front with the front orange reflector that blinks as a turn signal. When you put the turn signal on those are a little bit unusual, you don’t, see that very commonly when you go around to the front of this car, though the turn signal is fairly standard, pretty much in line with other McLaren models that Have similar shaped and styled turn signals? And finally, since I’m back here, we might as well do it.

The exhaust note now remember this is supposed to be the luxury Grand Touring, high-class McLaren, not an exotic sports car supercar. Let’s, see if it sounds like it, and next we move on to the interior of the luxury McLaren, where you see a lot of the same touches in here that you saw in that cargo area, specifically leather everywhere.

Just look at this interior fully finished in leather, leather and more leather, a huge departure from the carbon fiber and Alcantara interiors that you often see in basically every other McLaren. They use those materials to save weight.

They’re good for track use, but this is all about leather, regardless of how heavy it is. It’s, beautiful its luxurious, and so it’s on the luxury McLaren. Now it’s worth noting that all this leather really does transform the experience, at least from a visual perspective.

It looks very, very different from every other McLaren in here. It looks very much like a luxury car, which is how McLaren is pitching and it’s, amazing that just changing the materials can have that much of an effect.

But this definitely doesn’t. Look like a McLaren interior aside from their usual infotainment system, their steering wheel and that sort of thing, but beyond all the leather. There are a couple of other luxury features in here on account of this being the luxury McLaren and by far the most notable is the sunroof.

Okay, you look up at the sunroof, you see a glass panel, pretty simple, but you can adjust its brightness. If you press a little control on the ceiling, you can have the sunroof immediately switch to letting in more light.

But if you decide that’s too much light, there are several different stages of brightness. You can choose for the sunroof and, as you can see it immediately switches to whatever stage you set it for it’s really really impressive.

The sunroof can just instantly change the amount of light that it lets through almost as impressive is the control that allows you to do this. On one side, there’s, a moon. On the other side, there’s, a Sun, and then there are these little boxes in between you push these boxes and they correspond to various different levels of brightness for the sunroof, and you can see the box lights up when you push it and Then the sunroof changes its brightness.

It’s, all a very slick operation and very cool. If you ever get in a car and you decide the sunroof just letting in too much heat too much light. Well, you don’t need just an ugly sunroof cover in this thing, because it has magic glass, but it’s, not just the sunroof and the leather that make this a luxury car.

How about the fact that there’s extra storage in here, most McLaren models, don’t, have any door pocket storage because the doors open upwards and anything you had in there would just fall down. But this one does you can see within the leather door panel you push this little pocket.

It opens and reveals a rather large storage compartment. So you have some additional storage in your McLaren beyond just the center console and whatever you can fit in your pockets and there’s, even more hidden storage than that, because at the front of the seat bottom there is a leather storage pouch.

You can pull it open and then stick little items in there again, adding more storage to this interior. This car, doesn’t have a glovebox, although it does have a center console storage area, but still adding this additional storage helps take up.

Some of the slack for the glovebox, most McLaren owners, wouldn’t mind, but it’s, nice to have and a luxury McLaren, and here’s. Another nice luxury touch in this interior. You have Sun visors. Of course, all McLaren models have those, but all McLaren models.

Don’t have Sun Visor mirrors, because you don’t need a look at yourself when you’re driving a McLaren. You already know that you’re cool, but in the luxury McLaren there are mirrors and they fold down separately.

You fold down the Sun Visor and then there’s. A second folding item. That is the visor mirror, and you have that on the driver side and over on the passenger side. So both the driver and passenger have their own visor mirrors, so they can look at just how luxurious they are, and one more luxury car piece in this interior is the sound system.

You have a Bowers and Wilkins sound system and you can see on the door panels. These beautiful speakers aluminum absolutely gorgeous and surrounded by additional aluminum trim, fantastically beautiful, sound system very luxurious, which fits this car, but despite all of the luxury additions to this car.

Ultimately, this is still a McLaren and it has some usual McLaren supercar items. For example, if you look in the center console, you see a launch button. This luxury touring car has launch control. You also have the little dials that allow you to change the drive mode and both handling and powertrain dials have T for track modes, so you can go into track mode in this.

The luxury Grand Touring McLaren it’s. Also worth noting that this car has butterflied doors, which isn’t exactly what you’d, expect from a Grand Touring luxury car, but it has them now that makes getting in and out a little bit more difficult than in your typical Luxury car, so it’s, just kind of one more item that makes me think this is more supercar than real touring car and by the way, in terms of opening those doors, I already showed you how from the outside, but from the inside it’s, pretty easy! There’s, just this little latch in the door panel.

It’s, an electronic release, you pull it the door, pops open, and then you have to do the rest of the work, pushing it yourself from there and next up. We move on to the infotainment system, where you ‘

Ll find an interesting luxury item in here there’s, an app marked ambiance, you press it, and then it pulls up your interior lighting, color choices. There are six different color choices, and you can see that you’re allowed to choose between footwell and cockpit.

You can select both and then whatever color you choose is in both your footwell and your cockpit or you can just choose one. For example, if you only want your foot wells lit up, but don’t want your purple lights all over the rest of the interior.

You can do that. You could also take both of them off and then you, don’t, have to put up with any of these ambient lighting colors and next up. Another interesting item in the infotainment system is the climate controls.

You go to the climate controls and the part where you direct, where the air goes. It’s, not just an image of a person, but rather a person wearing a helmet. I love this little detail in all MacLaren’s, just a tiny little piece of attention to detail that emphasizes they’re, paying attention to even the small stuff.

I think that is a really cool touch. One other item worth noting in the climate control section of the infotainment system is the heated seats. This car has heated seats and you can go into the climate controls and turn them on, but the problem is that the process for turning them on is quite cumbersome.

You first have to push the climate button below the infotainment screen that pops up the climate controls, and only then can you turn on the heat seats. It really should just be a simple button like in basically every other car, but given that this is probably one of MacLaren’s, first attempts at heated seats.

I guess I ‘ Ll, give him a pass now in terms of the infotainment system. Aside from that stuff, it’s pretty standard. I think particularly usual in here, compared to other MacLaren’s. It shares a pretty similar infotainment system reasonably responsive.

The only unusual thing is that it’s, positioned vertically, like a smartphone and not horizontally, like in most other cars. Although I have noticed more and more vertical screens in the cars I’ve been testing the Ford Explorer, the Subaru Outback.

All new Volvo’s, MacLaren’s, been doing it for longer than just about anybody. Now. Next, we move on from the infotainment system to the other screen in this car, and that would be in the gauge cluster.

The gauge cluster is not as interesting in the GT as it is in some other McLaren models. For instance, it doesn’t flip, like other MacLaren’s, do you turn on the car and it kind of flips or slides into place? It doesn’t do that here; instead, it’s, just fixed it’s, a more regular gauge cluster, but I should mention that if you put this car in track mode, the gauge cluster layout will switch from a standard Layout to a more track focused layout, you can see it emphasizes your rpms and your gear a lot more and it D emphasizes your speed since you’re, not as concerned about breaking the speed limit.

If you’re on a race track and one other interesting item in the gauge cluster, when you turn this car off, you can see it shows a number of days. What exactly is that that’s? How many days the battery has left of charge? This is actually a brilliant idea, because people have to McClaren’s often have large collections and they keep their cars parked and not moving for a long period of time.

This will show you how many days you can do that. So, when you turn off your McLaren, it says two days you know: hey, I’d, better plug it in and charge the battery, or maybe I’d, better change. The battery that’s, really a much better idea than the alternative, which is you don’t know how many days are left you let the car sit.

Then you get in to drive it and it has a dead battery by the way. One other interesting item in this interior is the fact that you’re in here with your stuff, since this is the McLaren hatchback and the whole interior compartment is fully open.

But that means that if you brake really harder, your stuff will probably slide forward and hit you or damaged something in here there’s, a little bar to try to keep your stuff in place, but it’s. Definitely something worth thinking about, for instance, the way I loaded the golf clubs they could easily just slide forward.

If you’re gonna load them, you might actually want to turn it the other way. So if you brake hard, the golf clubs won’t hit you, while you’re stopping in your McLaren. Now with that said, there is a front trunk in this car.

Like I mentioned before, and it’s, pretty big. So if you have anything that you really don’t want to roll around and smash into the interior. While you’re braking, you could always stick it in the front trunk and that’s.

A nice safe place for it, where none of that stuff will happen. Of course, sticking something in the front. Trunk will also keep it from the prying eyes of anyone who looks into the cargo area of your McLaren, and so those are the quirks and features of the McLaren GP.

Now it’s time to get it out on the road and see how it drives alright driving the McLaren GT. I thought this was just gonna kind of be stupid, and really it was just gonna beat them calling a car at GT and putting a leather interior in it.

Until I heard the exhaust note – and it’s clear – that this is no ordinary McLaren, they are trying to step it down a bit with the sport and step it up a bit with the luxury and that exhaust note is a clear indication of That it may still have the sporty performance of most McLaren models, but clearly it’s not intended to be the car that will wake up your neighbors, so do they actually succeed is obviously the question and creating a vehicle that does feel like a Gt car, a luxury car – and the answer is yes, and no.

This is not a Mercedes SL. It just isn’t. It’s, clearly faster and more exciting, more thrilling, louder. Mid-Engine it’s, just not a car. You’re gonna luxury around in and just kind of relax, and even going over bumps like Lane line bumps, you can tell it get bumps and it’s.

Not stuff is not just completely removed from the consciousness. You can hear stuff, you can feel stuff, but with that said, this is definitely a more relaxed McLaren. I’m in sport mode right now, and the exhaust is more muted than usual.

The interior is more comfortable than a typical McLaren. The last couple of clearance I drove over like 600 LT p1, those things are just so rough and so rowdy and the ride is just awful and they’re, just a total challenge.

This definitely does not feel like that. It’s. It does feel more luxurious, more relaxed. I’m wondering and does it still feel fast yeah? It does, but it comes on in a very different way. It’s actually kind of interesting.

The speed is not what you get from a 720 s. I’m surprised by that it’s quick, but it’s. It’s. Definitely a more rational and reasonable power build and it doesn’t slap you in the face. The 720 asks you for it and it’s like oh, my god.

This is a new dimension. This thing, not quite on that level, it is actually interesting how different they ‘ Ve made this from your typical McLaren. I was really coming into this expecting to just be like okay, they wrapped it and leather call that electric car it didn’t work, but actually a lot of stuff about this car is different.

The ride is more comfortable for sure it’s not as loud. It is more comfortable in the interior. There’s. Obviously, more cargo space and some nice luxurious touches like the Bowers & amp Wilkins, and I think, for a lot of McLaren owners.

If they’re being totally honest with themselves, this is the one they want. I talked to a guy recently and at cars at companies like look thinking about a 600 LT and you’re gonna track it. No. I just want something cool for the road and I’m thinking.

You go want a succinyl t. The truth is this is what you want really. I would say this is a good car and it’s, probably the best all-around McLaren. You get all the performance numbers from the crazy ones.

It’s not as expensive as a 720 s, not quite as fast, but you know again for most people. This would do, but also you do get kind of a more luxurious and reasonable experience. They’ve added enough luxury to make it a more rational car, but they haven’t taken out the performance, and so I actually think this ends up being a freak Maclaren compromised and so that’s.

The McLaren GT to me this is still more exotic sports car than true GT car, just based on the driving experience, the performance numbers, the sound the look, but I will concede that it’s more luxurious than all the other MacLaren’S which are usually very rough riding and sporty and loud.

So if you’re looking for a luxury car, I don’t know. But if you’re looking for a luxury McLaren, this is it and now it’s time to give the GT a dug score, starting with the weekend categories and styling, the McLaren GT is a handsome car, a bit derivative, but still Nice-Looking and it gets a 7 out of 10 acceleration.

Mclaren says zero to 60 is 3.3 seconds, and it gets a 9 out of 10 handling is pretty sharp, especially for a supposedly luxury car, and it gets an 8 out of 10. Fun factor is good, not quite on the level of the 720 s or the 600 LT, but still highly enjoyable, and it gets an 8 out of 10.

Finally, cool factor and MacLaren ‘ S are cool, but of course, this doesn’t. Have the head-turning wow factor of the p1 or the 720 s, and it gets a 7 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 39 out of 50 next up are the daily categories and features the GT is reasonably well equipped and it gets a 6 Out of 10 Comfort is better than most other mid-engine cars and it gets a 5 out of 10.

Quality is good. The interior quality is fantastic, but we’re. All a little worried about McLaren reliability. Still it gets a 7 out of 10 practicality. Is a tough one? This car has a lot of cargo space, but only two seats.

Still, I’m gonna be nice and give it a 4 out of 10 rewarding it for having a lot more room to put stuff, even if other cars with that score have more room to put people finally value. This is a reasonably priced car given the performance, but it’s likely to depreciate more than other MacLaren’s.

It gets a 6 out of 10 for a total daily score of 28 out of 50. Add it up in the dug score is 67 out of 100 here’s, where it falls against a lot of other modern exotics and GT cars. No surprise the McLaren GT has a higher daily score than the 720 s, but a lower weekend score same deal with the GT versus the 600 LT.


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